Deep House Cat Show + philE – March ’10 – Tiger Claw Mix

Deep House Cat Show + philE – March ‘10 – Tiger Claw Mix


01. Mister D Vs. Metropolis Vs. Andy Green – Intro Mash Up
02. SE62 – Wall Ride (Eddie C Remix) – Home Taping Is Killing Music
03. Outwave Project – Sunset On The Beach (Original Mix) – Big Blue Records
04. Tom Lown – That 6am Track – Sudup Recordings Promo
05. K-Bana – Chemistry (Alex V Remix) – Night Drive Music
06. Junior Gee – Waxing Lyrical (Original Mix) – Endemic Digital
07. Moza – Somewhere On Cuba – Support House Records Promo
08. Damon Vallero – Faces On Your Mirror – Downstream Records Promo
09. Soul Minority – P.A.R.T.Y. (Original Mix) – House Is The Cure
10. Maxxa – I Feel Deep (Original Mix) – Minimo Records
11. Ross Couch – Last One Home (Spiritchaser Remix) – Body Rhythm Records
12. Nick Holder, Jaidene Veda – Welcome To Detroit (Original Mix) – House Is The Cure

[pertin-nce_031] VA – Things are bad in Haiti (2010)

Hey all,

As some of you know, our label has a special connection to the earthquake ravaged country of Haiti – so in the tradition of our charity net releases we quickly pulled together this compilation to help out.

Thanks to our regular contributors and everybody who responded so quickly.

Luckily, all of our family in Haiti are safe, but as you can imagine, the damage to their homes was devastating, forcing the majority of them had to temporarily relocate to Florida, the Dominican Republic or other regions of Haiti where they are sharing housing and other resources.

Needless to say, getting our family’s lives back to normal requires money for the basics: food, water, clothing, as well as the resources to build new housing. This is why we’re dedicating this release’s proceeds entirely to the Haiti relief cause.

When you download this Pertin-nce release you can make a donation via paypal at account [bleupulp (at) hotmail (dot) com]
and use reference ”pertin-nce_031”. All of these proceeds will go directly to members of our family in need.

If you’d rather not give money directly to individuals, we also encourage you to give to an organization of your choice.

Thanks and enjoy our latest collection of music!

Melbourne Deepcast » 009: Andy Hart & Myles Mac

MDC 009 is the latest double mix episode from deepcast duo Andy Hart & Myles Mac. As has been the theme, this offering hits our eardrums with the sound of a slightly different drum once again, exploring disco, groove and house in what makes for the perfect summer soundtrack..