[MND012] Certified 35 – The Rain Never Stops

Artist: Certified 35
Title: The Rain Never Stops
Release Date: April 2011
Credits: w&p by Leif Knowles. “Soulstatedub Remix” w&p by Tom Ellis as Soulstatedub.

Minordust presents the debut release from Certified 35, a dubbed out trip hop project from Leif (Trimsound / Fear of Flying / Boe Recordings / Moon Harbour). The release is a fine example of Leif’s musical ability, with live guitar, shakuhachi and congas. Soulstatedub (aka Tom Ellis) provides a remix of the title track.

Audio Files
01. The rain never stops
02. Outside the scope
03. A side serving of good fortune
04. The rain never stops (Soulstatedub Remix)


RA.257 O/V/R – 2011.05.02

“The O/V/R live shows are based around a collection of increasingly random equipment, and tend to swing between structure and total chaos,” Ruskin told Juno Plus earlier this year, although you wouldn’t necessarily have guessed as such from this measured performance. Over the course of an hour their set is at once imposing, bleak and triumphant—techno at its most refined.



[bsc_009] Tomas Jirku – Psilence

Vancouver based producer Tomas Jirku has been creating innovative techno since the late nineties and first appeared on the NoType net-label in 1999. In 2000, he became the first Canadian signed to the seminal Force Inc Music Works label, and then its sub-label’s formative Clicks & Cuts compilation series, which didn’t just define a genre, but carved a niche for emerging producers. Jirku has continued a prolific music career appearing on such labels as Traum, Klang, Onitor, Alien8, Substractif, Revolver, Intr_version and more.

His latest release – Psilence – collects fragments of his various stylistic approaches and influences, and funnels them closer to the Detroit vibe he’s been secretly striving for all this time. The title track is an abstract house number with reverberating beats and warm dub-flecked pads that slowly evolve into a quirky techno track. Star Control goes sci-fi with classic synth sounds in the format of shifting electro-techno groover. Layers of floating atmospheric chords underlie a bounce that is bound to move you on the dance floor. Star Control’s dub version explores the dark matter hidden within the original, and fittingly incorporates samples from John Carpenter’s sci-fi classic ‘Dark Star’. Finally, for the DJ that doesn’t want to confuse his audience with disembodied voices, Star Control’s instrumental version excludes the movie samples for a stripped-down minimal, funky journey. If you think these Memorex recordings are good, you can hear Tomas Jirku perform them live at this year’s Mutek Festival in Montreal!

Star Control (Dub Instrumental)
Star Control (Dub)
Star Control