Stephen Brown – Solitude

Stephen Brown – Solitude Taken from the EP, Status Bytes (Djax-Up-Beats | DJAXUP276 | 1997) | RHYTHM | DIVINE | Stephen Brown is a Techno producer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Stephen Brown MySpace: Turntable: Unknown

Murrolo Sa Fosca Vol.2 – Journey by Soundscape

Murrolo_Sa Fosca Vol.2 – Journey by Soundscape by Murrolo

Another vinyl mix – cool, lush, dubby sounds for 100 minutes or so. Artists include Echospace, Deepchord, CV313, Aaron Carl.Mike Dehnert, Inward Content, Delta Funktionen, Quantec, Atheus, Vainqueur & Bvdub. About 120bpm throughout – but with ups and downs.
Sa Fosca means ‘Dark Place’ in Catalá/Mallorquí.

Nathan Stealth – Dub House / Dub Techno Mix

Dub House / Dub Techno Mix by nathanstealth

Dub From Atlantis – Heavy Weather (Melodica Mix)
Dubkasm – More Jah Songs
Henry & Louis – Love Dub
Beat Pharmacy – Piece of Mind (Dub Mix)
Biodub – Reminder
Beat Pharmacy – Ghostship ft Spaceape (Deadbeat rmx)
Wax – Wax 30003 B
Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak II/II
Andy Stott – Bad Landing
M. Rahn – Root03
Scuba – Lights Out
Neurotron – Under The Surface
Biodub – Massive Central
Dub Taylor – Urban Silence II
Rhythm & Sound – Queen In My Empire
Kode 9 – Spit
Lulu Rouge ft Trentemoller – Lulu’s Theme
Rhythm & Sound – We Be Troddin
Leftfield – Rino’s Prayer

Cristiano Campos – Sublime Saturation (Set)

“Sublime Saturation”, the name of a set that was recorded and mixed by Cristiano Campos (Fundii Recordings) in the year of 2011.

The set vary from Dub-Techno to Deep-House with smooth transitions and remarkable groove.
A “One of a kind” vibe is how Cristiano describes this audio archive. According to Cristiano, “I have been a little out of action and, you know… the set is a proof that I am still sharp on the decks. I’ve been too focused on music production and I guess it has just gotten me better in a certain way, the feeling here is really unique”. And I guess you’re about to find out what he’s talking about! Be ready to be wanting for more.

Cristiano Campos – Sublime Saturation (Set) by Cristiano Campos

Soma Coma 5 – Various Artists


About SOMA COMA series….

2011 is our big year. 20 years old. We’ve a huge amount of exciting things to come over the course of this year but were keen not to miss another opportunity to get in amongst some of the more obscure, overlooked and underplayed records in our heaving catalogue. The Soma Coma series has proved to be an effective comfort mechanism, best used in the face of stress or discomfort, supplying you with a diverse retrospective of tracks designed specifically for introspective moments.

SOMA COMA 5 is replete with atmospheric shifts, moody grooves and mind-altering melodies from the likes of The Black Dog, Universal Principles, H-Foundation, Pressure Funk (aka Slam), Gene Farris, Counterplan, and Silicone Soul. Beyond these label stalwarts, we were also very keen to showcase some of our more recent acquisitions, including Vakama, whose brand new track Yemaya rests comfortably amongst superb offerings from Harvey McKay, Decimal, Hatikvah, and Joe Stawarz.

1) The Black Dog – Later Vexations
2) Joe Stawarz – Cry
3) Hatikvah – Daedalus
4) Decimal – The Lesson of Hope
5) Vakama – Yemaya
6) Pressure Funk – Darkest Hour
7) Alex Smoke – Jah Future
8 ) H-Foundation – Scenario
9) Gene Farris – Smoke Session Pause
10) Harvey McKay – Life
11) Counterplan – The Morning After
12) Chaser – Sleazy Listening
13) Universal Principles – Don’s Different Ducks
14) Silicone Soul – The Strip

Released by: soma
Release/catalogue number: SOMACD090
Release date: May 23, 2011

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good morning! Das Kraftfuttermischwerk LIVE @ Frühlingszaubertraum, Berlin – 10-04-2011

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk LIVE @ Frühlingszaubertraum, Berlin – 10-04-2011 by R_co

Track List:
Sandschnecke im Sturm
Am Wolkenberg
Ein Anlieger frei
Fluss ins Nichts
Tischtennis im Regen
Wudwerd – Bocas del Toros (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Remix)
Unter Wasser fliegen (feat. Jan Stadtherr)
Alte Juwel (feat. Rudi Stöher)
Und unterm Bassphalt der Strand
Entertainment for the Braindead – Run! (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Remix)
Downunder the Moon
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