Is Dub Techno Blog dead?

TL;DR – I have moved my efforts to Drift Deeper Youtube Channel as I feel Youtube is a more natural platform for music bloggers in today’s technological world.

You may have noticed, for some years now, that DTB isn’t updated much. I get the question now and then, “is dub techno blog dead?“. The answer is a resounding NO you will be thankful to hear.

I have just moved my efforts over to the Drift Deeper Youtube Channel now, I guess it can be seen as the evolution of this blog.

In today’s world, Youtube seems a better platform for music than WordPress. I’ve never been good with words and usually let the music do the talking which makes Youtube a more simple, natural approach to documenting this beautiful music genre.

It also gets dub techno in front of many more ears. The youtube channel gets approx 20 times the visitors that this blog gets, which for someone like me, who likes to promote and help artists and labels, feels much more rewarding.

I also enjoy the video live streaming that Youtube offers and feel it suits the bi weekly shows as I can interact more with the listeners.

So from now on Dub Techno Blog is retired. I will keep the domain and blog alive purely for an archival purpose as there is still a huge amount of music on this blog for newcomers to discover.

If you like dub techno and the surroundings genres please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel. There is new music uploaded every day and you’ll get notification of when I do my live show, pop in and say hello.

Thankyou to everyone that has visited this blog over the years, it’s been a pleasure to discover this music alongside you all.

This music isn’t going anywhere, so keep drifting deep!

ROD MODELL – Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness

2017 will mark a homecoming for one of our most beloved artists! Ten years after “Plays Michael Mantra” (his last work for Silentes), 13 / Silentes will be releasing the first book of photography by ROD MODELL. A collection of over 100 personal photographs made during a 10 week stay in Barcelona during April-June 2016. A CD of Barcelona field-recordings and emotional atmospheric sounds by Rod Modell (that were influenced by the images) will also be included. These unique images and musical textures emphasize the darker, nocturnal side of Barcelona, and capture fleeting seconds that occurred between the moments that others noticed. A collection of mysterious images that reveal deeper layers with each subsequent viewing. A monumental work presented in a wonderful deluxe limited edition (book size 30cm x 24cm, 72 pages, soft-touch hardcover with varnished details).

LIMITED EDITION OF 480 COPIES WORLDWIDE, to be released on November 5, 2017.

We just signed up to Patreon, please support us with a monthly pledge

For those who haven’t heard of Patreon, it’s a platform which allows you to support your favourite creators with one off or monthly recurring donations.

I setup a page as I’d love some help with donations to improve our shows and blog content on a whole.

If everyone one of you reading this donated just $1 per month we’d have more than enough to improve the blog and podcasts.

Owen Ni – NI LAB 1 (Vinyl Only)

2 deep cuts from Owen Ni feature on his first vinyl release.

33 RPM. Stamped & hand numbered, Edition of 100. Each record is it’s own unique piece of art, although some colors may appear the same, each record has it’s own spots and swirls that make the copy you receive special.