Martin Nonstatic – Afterglow EP (Entropy Records Digital 055)

‘Endless’ is definitely my favourite track on this one.  ‘Afterglow Pt 1’ is a little too dark sounding for my preference of dub techno.  The whole EP just oozes excellent production quality, with deep, organic dub sounds.

Born in the netherlands in`76, living in germany next to the electronic music city ” cologne” for about 24 years now. As a child he got early influenced by musicians like art of noise, vangelis, tangerine dream, klaus schulze… and a couple of years later his scale of musicgenre got larger and larger, gettin deeper in touch with the technoid, indie, classical and jazzy sounds. He started growing his passion for changing and manipulating sounds with synths and other hardwarestuff at the age of 18, slowly building up his little studio. He dealt a lot with several livegigs on parties and in clubs by building up his own tracks and live arrangements. In 2010, he focused his work more on releasing his tracks wich were influenced by ambient-dubtechno, and electronica sounds and so they shared their way via internet to several label. Thats were he is now… at the point of no return. He feels pretty good with that!

The Ep “afterglow” began at a bigger video/sound session ” duoluxe” in beginning of 2011. Editing sounds in realtime influenced by such nice videoartworks(like glow effects) was special and a new experience for me and a good way to combine my heart and head in the same way, touching the roots of the afterglow tracks.

The track” Endless” was intended to bring balance between the tracks, straight, slow dubtechno. This track contains sounds by my first synthesizers korg wavestion and microwave XT.

Entropy Records

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DeepWarmth Remixed EP [Cold Fiction Music – ​EX1]

Very solid release from Cold Fiction Music.  This is a remix ep of the insanely good original DW/TB ep.  Check out the original ep if you haven’t yet.  This EP is available to download at any price you wish to give.  So whilst it is practically free please do be a bit generous.

With the first release in the EX series comes a release to compliment the 14th release on our label, DW/TB: Split Ep. 4 remixes from artists such as Blue Neptune, Cristiano Campos, Louigi Verona and the other man on the original release, Textural Being, turn Dub Techno tracks into smooth House Music and Ambient Dub. If you liked the 3 tracks from DeepWarmth on the original release, you will love the remixes.

Cold Fiction Music


1 – Blue Squares Are Warm (Cristiano Campos Remix)
2 – DeepWarmth – DeepWarmth – Shattered Velocity [Textural Being Reshape]
3 – DeepWarmth – Blue Squares Are Warm (Blue Neptune Remix)
4 – DeepWarmth – Under A Jade Ledge (Louigi Verona Ambient Dub Take)

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[Preview] Frank Hellmond – A little night music (Eintakt Records)

Progressive, warm and dubby, this track forthcoming on Eintakt caught my attention yesterday. Can’t wait for the full release. This is a fine example of why I still love dub techno!

You can check out the whole ep here

[Release] Matthias Springer – State of Life EP (Pantamuzik 022)

A solid release from Matthias Springer, grab a copy from the links below.

Matthias is a good friend of the Blaq Records hailing from Munich Germany and running the Diametral Head Quarters over there this ep is full passion for electronics, dark, deep and moody each track has it’s own personality yet fit perfectly in this beautiful EP we love the work of Matthias and we are extremely happy to release his music on Pantamuzik. remixes coming later this year..



Matthias Springer – State of Life (Original Mix)

Matthias Springer – Personal System (Original Mix)

Matthias Springer – Echoplanet (Original Mix)

Matthias Springer – Echoplanet (Kano Kanape Remix)


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[Vinyl Release] Pulse Code Modulation – Sonne und Stahl EP (Pong Music)

Much respect to Pong Music for releasing this great, 2 track, dub techno ep on limited edition 10 inch clear vinyl!  A worthy buy for any vinyl dj (yes there are still some of us still going).


Side A – Sonne und Stahl

Side B – Glubber

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As If – At Night LP (U-Cover Cdr Limited)

Great LP coming from As If for his first 2012 release.  Beautiful combinations of ambient atmospheres, field recordings and dub techno beats.

Kenneth Werner from Bornholm a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, created during his free nighthours a dub and ambient orientated album. During most of 2011 he work on several tracks and together with u-cover he selected 7 tracks that became this excellent ‘At Night’ album. Minimal floating ambient and dub tracks mixed with local taken fieldrecordings. Excellent soundtrack for the dark hours.


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Textural Being – Oceanic EP (ZeECc 042)

ZeECc – Probably one of the most consistently amazing labels on the planet. And it just so happens they release dub techno….how lucky are we! My usual cliche response to another release from these guys – Textural Being + ZeECc, I don’t really need to say more than that. Instant Purchase!

Fascinated and inspired by the soft side of electronic music, this new ‘Oceanic’ EP come to complete the acclaimed discography of the Textural Being project, with his deepest tracks and with his so personal vision of dub and ambient sounds. Here, all is a question of purity and lightness and this one push the audience in a second state: zen, relaxed and freed from all kind of stress. So, it’s like a therapist that this american artist presents you 5 tracks full of essential emotions. Sometimes built on a warm and round bass line or on an uncluttered rhythmic, all musical parts were made to calm and to glorify chill-out music. Also, this ‘Oceanic’ EP is the perfect place to continue and to reinvent some tracks of the previous release, largely supported by DJs and artists. By this way, we can listen a minimal reinterpretation of ‘High Speed Travel’, and a quiet but stirring new part of ‘Tides’. For sure, this new release is definitively not made for the dance-floors but you will appreciate this beautiful and refined masterpiece of ambient art.


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DimbiDub – Dub Tones EP Pt.2 (DIMBI007)

Part 2 takes us deeper into a winter abyss. Loving the ‘Special Tone’ track on this ep.

Its very important having some warm sound around in the cold wintertime, therfor we got the 2nd part of DimbiDub’s “DubTones” for you with Tone number 3 to 5 including a “Special Tone” representing a very unique style in forming innovative dub techno tunes, enjoy!



1 – Tone 3
2 – Tone 4
3 – Tone 5
4 – Special Tone


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