Syncronize – The HB Files [DIMBI006]

Syncronize is someone to look out for in 2012, i hope to hear more dub techno from him. A great discovery!

The already 6th release on DimbiDeep Music discovers a real genius in Dub Techno called “Syncronize” coming out of some deep woods with his “HB Files” including 4 very unique tracks situated between ambient, dubtronica and acid. Its a journey through the morning fog with great soundscapes, deep basslines, noisy pads and a lot of decent percussions leaving place for some special wide delays and room effects. Some people would interpret it as very melancholic sounds, but we say its more a chilled and emotional turn opening up a really challenging listening experience.

DimbiDeep Music


[DIMBI006] Syncronize – The HB Files by dimbideep


[Album] Fingers In The Noise – 3 X 11 LP

Fingers In The Noise has long been one of my favourite Dub Techno artists. With a consistent and steady release schedule of free dub techno releases (all of which are superb) its amazing to discover the man has released an album too! This is definitely a strong contender for the best dub techno album of 2011. Each track full of character and atmosphere, an essential purchase for any fan of dub/deep techno.

My first LP released today on my personal Label (FPR), I hope you like it.

Fingers In The Noise


1. Last Dream Before Sleep 10:40
2. Weekend… Finally! 07:37
3. Gaussian Blur 07:21
4. Gray Colors 06:52
5. Click Here! 07:04
6. Amazone 06:44
7. Cotton In The Brain 08:20
8. Shadows Light 06:40
9. Shapes & Splines 05:49
10. X-Y-Z 06:18
11. The Last Barrier Reef 07:04

You can pick up the album for just €11 EUR here


Dublicator – Compact Impulses EP [Eintakt]

Well worth the purchase. Dublicator once again providing quality dub techno for our ears, tracks 1 & 2 from the EP are my favourite.

Eintakt Rauhphaser 22 “Compact Impulses ep” is produced by Tamas Olejnik from Hungary. Living in Budapest, Tamas´s producing finest dub techno. He thrilled the listeners into a world of deep atmosheres, combined with dub elements, decorated with sub frequences and playful reverbs…. like compact impulses. He already released on labels such as “Deep in Dub” and “Entropy records”.

Eintakt Recordings

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Dublicator – Compact Impulses [Eintakt] | Digital EP by Dublicator / MetaComplex

Released by: Eintakt
Release date: Oct 7, 2011

Matthias Springer – Chronometry EP [DIMBI005]

Matthias Springer gives his debut on DimbiDeep Music with the “Chronometry EP”. The aim was to create some timeless sound just for listening and floating away with that special touch of chilled elements. It could be a kind of minimal dubtechno just using some spaced out chords, soft kickdrums, low basslines and some decent percussions. “Chronometry” itself takes the sunny side of music and “Dimbiland” instead the more darker one with a delightful and epic acidsynth. “Fingers on the Glass” wasn´t named like that without any good reason, if you listen that special sound you´ll check that it was made just with some wet fingers on half-filled wine glasses. The last track “Timeline” was created together with ACME_Jane and brings in that gentle “tick-tock” of an old clock hanging on someones kitchenwall.

DimbiDeep Music

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[DIMBI005] Matthias Springer – Chronometry EP by dimbideep

Released by: DimbiDeep Music
Release/catalogue number: Dimbi005
Release date: Oct 6, 2011

[Preview] Mr. Cloudy – Grey LP (Entrophy Records Limited 009)

With only 100 copies available, this is sure to be very quick selling LP.

2 minutes demo of each track
Entropy Records /LP-Limited-Line/ presents EL.009:
Mr. Cloudy | Grey
Grey was written by me, in real time (live) I looked out the window and ran the focusing effects,
Meant to develop it further as a big release.
Gradually, I got the first few remixes of Grad_u & Sraunus.
Then decided to create one thing, in this vein as Mr. Cloudy – Serenity.
Inviting all artists to be released which I love.
For a long time to gather all and finally for you here at Entropy now.
I think that Grey is a logical extension of Serenity, who heard it.
EL.009 is a limited edition to 100 copies.

Mr Cloudy

EL.009 | Mr. Cloudy | Grey (excerpts of the 9 tracks CD LP) by Entropy Records

Released by: Entropy Records
Release/catalogue number: EL.009
Release date: Oct 4, 2011

[Preview] Mattias Fridell – Capacious Subject EP

This EP is sounding great, cant wait for the release in a few days, be sure to grab a copy people.

The Capacious Subject EP is my second release on M_Grey (the subdivision of M_Rec).  The whole idea behind this release was to produce 4 uncompromising tracks born from the same foundation but with 4 different approaches. The base of all tracks are in this case the low-passed saturated 808 kicks, the plate reverberated crunchy hi-hats and the polyrhytmic subtle percussion which appears in all the tracks.  The focus of different bass synths, dub-chords & ambient textures layered upon the foundations are where I choosed to give the track the different approaches. The whole EP is pretty much a hybrid between several directions. The moody and deep that I like to implant in my tracks, Detroit flavors and dubby workouts.

Mattias Fridell

► mattias fridell – germinate (m_grey011) • by Fridell

Released by: M_GREY
Release/catalogue number: M_GREY011
Release date: Sep 30, 2011

As If – Silent Elevation EP [ZeECc038]

As If - Silent Elevation EP [ZeECc038]

Enigmatic is probably the perfect word to describe this new release on ZeECc. Composed in Denmark by Kenneth Werner, this ‘Silent Elevation‘ is build in 4 parts with massive ambient influences. This very quiet EP unifies various atmospheres for pleasure of our ears: from ambient to techno, from dub to house, …

Filtered pads, deep bass and long breaks are the favorite elements of this artist, and they are so nicely used during nearly 30 minutes. And there is no exceptions here, even if ‘Silent Elevation 2‘ is a little bit stronger than the other tracks, a techno masterpiece for all lovers of Steve Rachmad‘s sounds. All other tracks are full of emotions and they go to show that it’s a real artist here, a strong composer but a good painter too, because he also makes the artwork of his own release.

As If – Silent Elevation EP [ZeECc038]