[Release] Alteria Percepsyne – Mydriatic LP

I heard Alteria Percepsyne (Emily Griffiths) pop up on Silent Season back in 2010 and was very impressed by her work. She has just recently released her new album “Mydriatic”. Blending ambient, dub techno, and minimal sounds together to take us on a journey through blissful soundscapes. I’m loving the blend of sounds in this album, it really works to create a deep, rich listening experience. The little touches of field recordings work so perfectly in these tracks. A limited CD version of the album is hopefully in the works. You can download you copy (just £6 for 10 amazing tracks) from bandcamp using the link below.


1. Moth Heaven 03:30
2. Perimeter 09:38
3. Circumvent 06:23
4. Mydriatic 03:49
5. Inverse Reflection 07:31
6. Apparent Motion 08:28
7. Projected Rain 02:31
8. Noire 07:49
9. Emitting Broken Light 09:08
10. Carousel 01:36

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[Release] Nikosf. – Seasons & Circles (Deeper Meaning 003)

It’s been a good week for discovering music.  I came across this gem of an EP earlier in the week and was very lucky to receive a copy of the EP for my audible pleasure! (thanks again guys)

This time only 200 in clear grey vinyl copies are presented, sealed together with poster cards and personal handwritten signature by nikosf. himself.

Seasons & Circles is our 3rd vinyl project, but it is also a debut release for Nikos Fragomanolakis (nikosf.) on Deeper Meaning.

Despite all the problems Greece is facing lately, this talented music expressionist from Crete definitely proves that true artist’s inspiration can not be affected by the “modern” crisis and that the electronic music scene is Greece is getting even stronger no matter what.

Nikos is introducing his deep music vision with an elegant touch and limitless landscapes of imagination, starting from the first seconds of the track.

Listen, get the most out of it and enjoy!

Deeper Meaning


1. Welcome To This World, Emily!
2. Insight
3. Seasons & Circles
4. Inner Life

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[Release] Bjorn Rohde – Intentionally Gone

Sublime bit of ambient dub by Bjorn Rohde. This was released last month but completely missed my radar. I have to say thankyou to Etoka Records for mentioning it on twitter

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[Release] Ali Khan – Do Trees Have Dreams? (DTR011)

Here’s the latest release from Ali Khan out on Dewtone Recordings.  Great cover art, great title and great tracks….what more could you want.

My fav track from the EP is ‘Yantra’ be sure to check it out even if you don’t like the other tracks.


[Release] Subforms – Lines EP (19STD09)

As well as digital format this release is available in a very nice, limited, CD format which you can see a picture of below. I hope to hear more quality releases like this from the 19th Studio guys in 2012. Keep up the good work!

After the “hibernation’ over the winter, the season kicks off with a fantastic release from Subforms. This Ukranian duo (also known as Yevgeny Konovalov and Dmitry Oleynik), have already numerous releases on labels such as deep in dub, Cold Tear Records and others. They are known because of their beautiful landscapes, deep rhythms and long-standing echo’s. With this release they don’t let anyone down… The Maltese dub techno super producer, Sonitus Eco joins the crew with another one of his fantastic remixes and the Portuguese duo The Positronics make their debut on our label, keep your eyes on them in the future….

19th Studio


1. Subforms – Lines (Original Mix)
2. Subforms – Black Coffee (Original Mix)
3. Subforms – Lines (Sonitus Eco Remix)
4. Subforms – Black Coffee (The Positronics Remix)

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Textural Being – Insight EP (Fundii Recordings)

WOW! Not quite sure how I missed this one from a few months ago but just received an email from the guys at Fundii Recordings pointing me to it. Textural Being is one for always making the chords that I love most – uplifting, progressive, emotional, futuristic and just plain ol’ amazing!

This EP really is an essential purchase. I haven’t really been saying that much this year as I feel not a lot of dub techno follows this sound at the moment.  It’s rare that I love every track on an EP, most of the time there is always a few tracks that are a bit too minimal for my liking but this EP definitely gets the Dub Techno Blog Approved stamp.  EVERY track is simply A+. Check out the Youtube playlist below to listen to all of the tracks.




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