[Release] Deephope – Long Way EP (Inusual Series 014)

Inusual Series have a spanking new 3 track ep from Deephope with very nice remixes from Felipe L and Collioure thrown in for good measure.


1. Long Way
2. Long Way (Felipe L Remix)
3. Long Way (Collioure Remix)

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[Release] SpecDub – Sunday Morning EP (Sesque Music 015)

SpecDub is back with a 6 track ep featuring remixes by himself alongside AeRo, DJ SaF & bd tom. The original is a very nice laid back deep house track, each remix takes it into a different direction, SaF puts down a more funky tech house version, and AeRo switches it around with a dubbed out chord based remix, and of course SpecDub himself finished off with a dub techno version and beatless dub-ambient remix to fully chill us out!


Sunday History Original
Sunday History DJ SaF Remix
Sunday History AeRo remix
Sunday History bd tom Re-dub
Sunday History SpecDub Redefined
Sunday History SpecDub Outro

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[Release] Mend – Retrospective EP (Somewhere 004)

Somewhere Recordings are definitely one of the 2012 newcomers to look out for in the future. They have had 4 strong releases since launching earlier in the year and this is my favourite release so far. Now if I’m not mistaken, Somewhere Recordings seems to have taken over from where RoHs records left off (2008-2012). Perhaps they just felt a change of name and look, anyone with any insight into this please let me know, I’m curious.


Mend – Pink Rainbow
Mend – Retrospective
Mend – Sunrise


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[Release] Matthias Springer – Gletscher Remixes (DREX 013)

The original is still my favourite but these remixes take the track to all sorts of different vibes, and it’s what I love about remix ep’s.

It just took a long time on Matthias Springers “Gletscher” project for hooking up some of his close friendly producers around, thats why we have to release the DREX013 when the DREX014 was already on stock… Sum up for the whole spectrum in deep electronic sounds Matthias invited some really great deep artists to remix the original. Mattias Fridell starts with great techno vibes on dry kicks and soft pads. Byron Bogues and Lars Leonhard got in touch with that epic styled deephouse and laidback synth-loops flying around. Matteo Pitton did a fusion of downtempo breaks and minimal dubhouse just as intro for the techhouse sounds on a discreet Model 1975 remix, closing up with the lush original and that cold, glassy pling-plong hookling that got all remixes as basic hook.

Matthias Springer


Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Original
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Mattias Fridell Remix
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Byron Bogues Remix
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Lars Leonhard Remix
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Matteo Pitton Remix
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Model 1975 Remix

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[Release] Best of Ocean Deep (Open Bar Music)

This is a great little ‘best of’ compilation featuring a few beauties from Ocean Deep. Soulful, deep and jazzy, perfect to celebrate these last few days of summer in the UK.

With their love for deep house, Ocean Deep has managed to bring themselves up in the world of the Underground Deep House scene.

With the assistance of Various New York City Top House Artists like Oscar P, Davidson Ospina, MJ White, Jessica Bendig and Companies like Open Bar Music NYC, Azucar Distributions, they have uplifted themselves to one of the most professionally recognized Artists/Producers World Wide.

Ocean Deep


Random Joint
Once A Nation

Ocean Deep – Tinkle


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DeepWarmth Remixed EP [Cold Fiction Music – ​EX1]

Very solid release from Cold Fiction Music.  This is a remix ep of the insanely good original DW/TB ep.  Check out the original ep if you haven’t yet.  This EP is available to download at any price you wish to give.  So whilst it is practically free please do be a bit generous.

With the first release in the EX series comes a release to compliment the 14th release on our label, DW/TB: Split Ep. 4 remixes from artists such as Blue Neptune, Cristiano Campos, Louigi Verona and the other man on the original release, Textural Being, turn Dub Techno tracks into smooth House Music and Ambient Dub. If you liked the 3 tracks from DeepWarmth on the original release, you will love the remixes.

Cold Fiction Music


1 – Blue Squares Are Warm (Cristiano Campos Remix)
2 – DeepWarmth – DeepWarmth – Shattered Velocity [Textural Being Reshape]
3 – DeepWarmth – Blue Squares Are Warm (Blue Neptune Remix)
4 – DeepWarmth – Under A Jade Ledge (Louigi Verona Ambient Dub Take)

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[Release] Moti Brothers, Remixes From Forteba & Sebastian Davidson – Miami EP (Itom Records)

This is the debut release from Itom Records, on it we have a great track from Moti Borthers and the remixes, especially the Forteba remix, take it to the next level. This is definitely a label to look out for in the future!  Check out the audio preview below.

Welcome to Itom Records! Please allow us to introduce you to our new imprint with the launch of our debut release “Miami EP” by Hungarian label owners Moti Brothers.

Their Original Mix is a profound journey into ones subconscious. Warm chords, heartfelt pads, an aquatic bassline, dubby efx and a signature beat structure which captivate the listener from its first tones. A must for the warm-up sessions!!!

First up on the remix duties, we welcome the Dutch Godfather of deepness and Nightbird Music’s owner “Sebastian Davidson” who delivers an interpretation nothing short of a masterpiece. He injects some dancefloor energy by accentuating the pads, grooving the bassline and fattening the beats. Crispy clear and pure Sebastian Davidson.

Last but definitely not least, we welcome fellow Hungarian master of depth, Forteba. His Originals & Remixes appear on some of the greatest labels in the industry including Plastic City, Ready Mix, Shayan Music, Loverzone, Lip Recordings, Cabrio, Foundation and many more. His groove structured remix really shows how you can create dreams through music. He also concentrates on the chords and pads while adding new melodies, murmuring vocals, lush efx and a driving bassline.

This is a must for the Deep-Heads and collectors as well. Enjoy!

Itom Records


Moti Brothers – Miami

Moti Brothers – Miami (Sebastian Davidson Remix)

Moti Brothers – Miami (Forteba Remix)

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