Biodub – The Tube [Tiefenrausch Musik]

With “The Tube” the seventh release of the label Tiefenrausch awakes – this time out of the hands of Biodub. As a reminiscence to the early times of dub, the record comes as 7inch vinyl.

In a classical but innovative manner Biodub creates a tune between relaxed as well as driving beats and an irresistible deepness. The record presents one track in two different versions. While “The Tube” solely bets on the instrumental deepness, “Until Forever” comes with the voice of Ray Darwin and disperses a pinch of Reggae into the track.

The vinyl is decorated with the artwork of Alexander Ketzer. He created the perfect cover referring to Jules Verne. 20.000 leagues under the sea – exactly the right slogan for Tiefenrausch 007.

Versible – Prunus EP

Deep sounds from Versible aka Daniel Eberhard. Deep & groovy sounds as we love it. Short excursion into the field of botanics: the name of the ep: ‘prunus’ is the genus name whereas each track has a specific name (e.g. ‘dulcis’). those are botanical terms. the combination of the 2 terms: ‘prunus dulcis’ is the common almond, ‘prunus serotina’ is the black cherry, ‘prunus domestica’ means plums and ‘prunus cerasus’ means sour cherry.

Segv & Appian – Janky (SLYFOX 002)

After their first split release on Sly Fox two years ago, Segv and Appian are back together again for round two and in both cases the approach to deep, crafty techno demands attention from the off. Segv’s “Janky” has a sharp drum section buffed with plenty of kinks in the otherwise steadfast groove, while a slick dub chord pulses through the core of the track.

Appian has a lighter, skipping flavour at work on “Re:Shell”, with a punchy bassline anchoring the track while swishing chords try to offset the swung funk of the beat. In both instances there is a distinctive, addictive quality that should get these two emerging producers plenty of air time.

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[Vinyl] Profile – Leap Records 005

New from Profile. Sublime deep house and techno from one of DTB favourite producers.

Also check out his remix on the Chords And Clouds free release.


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Profile – Distant Past
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Profile – Something or Other

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