P.Laoss – Deep AfterHour Nr. 54

I haven’t heard much from P.Laoss of late, which is a shame because as this mix shows, he’s capable of not only producing great music but also selecting it too. I really would like a tracklist on this mix. Can anyone id the first track?? Anyway have a listen you won’t be disappointed.


01. Alveol – Sensua
02. P.Laoss – Dub Class Five
03. Terry Lee Brown Junior – Sunny Poseidon
04. Milton Jackson – One
05. P.Laoss – Bamboo Mat
06. Subb-An – Keep Pushin
07. Delano Smith – He Said (original mix)
08. Federsen – Fragile Systems
09. G.R.I.T. – Endless Waves (P.Laoss Remix)
10. Purl – Storisende
11. Quiet Streets – Hidden Reserved (unreleased)
12. Vakuum Sounds – Tropical Forest (Album Version)

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Die Beringstraße (Deep Afterhour Podcast)

Die Beringstraße (Deep Afterhour Podcast) by Uncle

This mix describes the myth of the Beringstreet, where Asia and America come at their closest point together. Only a shallow stripe of the ocean separates the two vast continents. During the glacial period the first human beings passed the so called Beringian area to settle in America. Lean back and enjoy the trip.

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