Thrumcast 018 – Der Klient

Here at Thrum Room HQ, the Deep Afterhour podcast series (now reaching it’s 179th episode), is one which has always been admired and respected, particularly episode 80, which was compiled and mixed by Deep Afterhour honcho himself Martin Schulz aka Der Klient.

We have the absolute honour of presenting Thrumcast 18 by Der Klient. A vast and respectful understanding of both house and dub techno is clearly evident, and warm, rolling basslines that transcend genres makes for another milestone Thrumcast.

“Der Klient is from a small town called Neubukow, which is near Rostock (North Germany). As a big fan of electronic music he started DJing in 2008. He loves nature and particularly comfortableness. Because of that he fell quickly in love with the deep tones of house and techno music.”

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Thrumcast 017 – Ofuren

We are delighted to kick 2015 off with a mix from an exciting young talent hailing from Witbank a.k.a. “place of coal”, situated near Johannesburg.

Siyabonga “Ofuren” Ngwenya first caught our attention via a guest mix which was broadcast on a community radio station early in 2014. An unexpected and unashamedly deep set that revealed a strongly-individualistic ear, we immediately reached out and connected with this kindred spirit.

Ofuren is a producer first and foremost – and has been releasing music since he was 19. He also curates for Roots Go Deep, which boasts a healthy discography featuring a host of like-minded local artists. Last year saw the labels first vinyl offering, a superb collaboration EP by Ofuren and Fred Buddah, and this was followed up with an outing on the revered Deep Explorer imprint.


01. Newworldaquarium – Shine Eyed
02. Zizz – Mind Expansion
03. Herbie Hancock – Rain Dance
04. Jan Jelinek – Moire (Strings)
05. Carl Craig – Experimento
06. H.S – Untitled A1
07. A5 – Fantasy
08. STephan Laubner – Hidden Dope
09. Federsen – Khonvoum
10. Intrusion – Tswana Dub
11. CV313 – Live Excursion III
12. Ofuren – Coal City Beatdown (Unreleased)
13. H.S – Untitled B1
14. Fred P – Sky Blues
15. Afrikan Sciences – Spirals

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Helmut J – RTD 2014 Ableton Live DJ Set

My set for Rocking the Daisies on 4 October 2014. I was booked to open the Beach Bar floor with a downtempo set. I don’t get booked for chill out sets often, so I was more than excited to do it.

I’ve included all my favourite types of downtempo, including ambient, chill dub techno, trip hop and ends off with some super chilled deep house.

The set was compiled and recording as an Ableton Live DJ set.


01) Carbon Based Lifeforms – Central Plains (Original Mix)
02) Mikrokristal – Owl-light Chill (Original Mix)
03) Krill.Minima – Princess of the Undersea Gardens (Original Mix)
04) Fingers in the Noise – CTRL+N II (Original Mix)
05) Tick – Chord Research Part I (Original Mix)
06) Rhythm & Sound – Aerial (Original Mix)
07) Frank Sebastian – Ignorance (Esko Barba Remix)
08) Fred Buddah – Underwater Train (Marcelo Tavares Remix)
09) Miika Kuisma – Returning Home (Original Mix)
10) Luna City Express – Orange Soft Cake (Original Mix)
11) AMB – Oven Funk (Original Mix)
12) Jay Shepheard – Beast Regards (Original Mix)
13) Dusky – Henry 85 (Original Mix)
14) Thorne Miller – Omnipotent (Original Mix)

Dub Techno Blog Live Show 013 – Mixlr – 05.10.14

Dub Techno Blog Show live on Mixlr, where we will be broadcasting for an hour featuring the freshest dub techno and deep house most Sundays at 8pm GMT.

Next show 12.10.14 @ 8pm GMT –


Remote Station – Lost Summer’s Memories
BDTom – Humanoids
Infinite Loops – B1 Persiflage
Low Orbit Satellite – Cycling Dub
Brickman – Untitled
Deepchord – Glow
Jamal Moulay – Waterdump
Ricky Tinez – Num1tape
Sub.Made – The Path Into Light
untitled 1 (Forthcoming Drift Deeper Recordings 011)
Optional Feast – Solaria (Ecco Remix)
Goran Geto – Broken Chord
Atabey – Nizao [Matias Bagato Remix]
Father OhmikRon – Suffer In Dub
Northworks – Through

Thrumcast 013 – Tiger Phong

“It was with absolute pleasure that I accepted to do this mix for Thrum Room. The selection process got me to dig in my old collection to pull out some timeless tracks such as the first EP on Trapez. I have tried to tell a story through the musical landscape, mixing genres that probably should not be
mixed together. Thank you Thrum Room.”

Tony Montana aka Tiger Phong, has been an integral part in the early house days of his adoptive second home, Cape Town, where his residencies and events played reads like a wish list for any local DJ. He also founded the Reset nights and co-founded the Francophunk parties. At present he resides in Mauritius where he juggles a day job alongside his beloved craft which he has been honing since 1998.

We approached Tony because the genre was out of his comfort zone, but knew that in his vast library of records he’d find what we were looking for, and he did.


1) Multipliar – Dead services

2) Millie/Andrea – Quay

3) Voices from the lake – Velo DI

4) Donnato Dozzy – Vaporware 3

5) Kornel kovacs – Szikra (Abdulla
Rashim remix)

6) Ryan Crosson and Aquarius Heaven –
Head Above Water

7) Bob Moses – Far from the tree

8) Groupox – Bungaloo

9) Basic Channel – Remake (Basic

10) Peter Van Hoesen – Attack on the
reality principle

11) Surgeon – Bad hands (Roly Vex’d

12) Millie/Andrea – Back down

13) Dop and Masomenos – Hello

14) Bob Moses – Interloper

15) Khidja – Mustafa (Timothy
Fairplay Remix)

16) Move D – Untitled B2

17) 04LM – M Place

18) Joris Voorn – Ringo

19) Kornel Kovacs – Szikra

20) Axel Boman – Hello


Dub Techno Blog Presents: Grant Page – Deep House Podcast 002

A new podcast exclusive on Dub Techno Blog from our resident DJ Grant Page. Grant will be selecting the finest in deep house and dub house in this exclusive podcast series.


Once Upon a Time(feat aya) – NAVID IZADI
The Universe Within – ANDY COMPTON
Romantic Misery – DUFABLESOUL
Blind Mushrooms – M21, KHIRBET QEIYAFA
Gave Their True Love to You – VIVACITY
Tony Conga – ZAID
Afrolounging – BLACK ONES
Muffin – FAPPLES
Heartbreaker – ALI SCOTT
Bombay (Acid Mix) – DJ VIBE
Let You Decide – HOUSEMOTION
Too Many Things – ROMAN RAUCH

Dub Techno Blog Presents: Grant Page – Deep House Podcast 002

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Thrumcast 012 – m50

Chicago has long been considered a city steeped in music history. Credited as the very birthplace of House music thanks to Frankie Knuckles and The Warehouse, the city and it’s artists have remained at the forefront of the electronic music landscape to this day.

With the recent passing of the Windy City’s favourite (adopted) son, it seems fitting that this month’s Thrumcast comes from Chicago native m50. Better-known for his work as Area, a string of stellar releases on Arma, Ethereal Sound and his own Kimochi label as well as collaborative work with inaugural Thrumcaster Brendon Moeller has seen the producer hit his stride in recent months and it is his dense, dubbed out signature that permeates this mix.

No track list provided, we’ll let the music speak for itself.

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