[Free Release] Sublunary Records Winter Sampler: four deep house tracks, straight from the heart.

We are Sublunary Records. A young and open minded record label that focuses on deep house, tech house, house, minimal and techno. Sublunary is about releasing music straight from the heart that brings people back together, making us realise we are all one, on the same planet, beneath the same moon. 

As a sign of our graditude and appreciation for continuous support and love ever since the release of our first track, we decided to put up this great Winter Sampler for free. It contains four high quality tracks, produced by four talentend and upcoming artists, who all share our thoughts and believes.
The Sampler can be downloaded from our facebook page or just use the soundcloud link provided with this blog. Also, you can check out all of Sublunary’s releases on our beatport page.
We hope you enjoy the tracks and to see you all in the future, dancing underneath the moon.
Take care,
Sublunary Records

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[Free Tune] Chaim, Deniz Kurtel – Alive (Jonathans Unofficial Rework)

Mighty impressed with this remix from Jonathan. I liked a few of the ‘official’ remixes but this one is definitely my favourite of them all.

Download Chaim - Alive (Jonathans Unofficial Rework) (136 mb)

[Free Tune] Alvaro Hylander – Weaving Dreams

Here is a free track from one of my favourite deep house producers and funnily enough he runs one of my favourite labels Deep Wit Recordings too. If you like this kind of sound be sure to check out the back catalogue of Deep Wit.

Also be sure to check out their next release which will see all profits going to Doctors Without Borders


Download Alvaro Hylander - Weaving Dreams (15.4 mb)

[Preview] Drift Deeper Presents: VA – Slow Living Vol. 1

The next compilation from Drift Deeper Recordings is nearly ready. 15 tracks of dub techno/deep house. Perfect for sitting down & watching life go by.

As muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone, it could be argued that those who sit quietly and do nothing are making one of the best possible contributions to a world in turmoil.

Alan Watts

Once again thankyou to all the talented producers who contributed to making this amazing compilation what it is.

Release Date – 27th August 2012


1. Bite – Adrift
2. Am.Light – Reflection of mind
3. BioRoot – Tranquility
4. 8 Four – Frequency chords
5. Erik Tavis – Samsara
6. Stu Heather – My6
7. Paolo Lunardi – My friend Paul
8. M!RO – A cloudy day
9. P.W.F. – Sedimental
10. Iminazole – Kyoto
11. Yan Olsen – Tidloshet
12. Cosmic Goo – Heartstabs
13. EyesN – Designed For Darkness
14. Melih Köroglu – Libre
15. Ekoteknik – For Ayanami

[Free Release] Spaceal Orbeats Records – Welcome to Neverland

A whopping 30 TRACK compilation mixing up dub techno, ambient, minimal, house.

Spaceal Orbeats Records Presents The VA Compilation “Welcome To Neverland”. This will be the first of a series of compilations for each season – Summer, Spring, Autumn & Winter.

Always for free download for each one of you out there.

Spaceal Orbeats Records


ION – Visit Of Memories 06:13
Esko Barba – Kilosound 001 09:23
Vytis – Spaceal Space 05:42
Discknocked – Henagonian 12:59
FingersInTheNoise – Disconnected People (Revisited) 04:56
Ocralab – Aural State 06:21
Reverb – Rust 07:04
Lo -Northern Reasons 07:43
Basicnoise -Mermaids Lagoon 07:05
John Ov3rblast – The Lightworkers (Chaotic Influence) 14:08
Xitya – Forbidden Fruit 11:41
Louie Devilhead – Gothic Romance 07:36
Κokum – Drones Of Midnight 05:59
SXtheMadArtist – EmotionaLandscape [Edit] 10:26
Memphidos – Earth 07:04
Jamie Power – The Rewilding Agenda 04:48
Damaged Man – Psycho 05:46
Alyn Sclosa – Wire Wrapped Strings 07:07
KDSTD – Camp One 07:45
Cryogenics – Cryogenics – After Life 05:57
Lars Leonhard feat Beat Ride – Not Another Hero 07:16
Experimental Feelings – The End 06:52
Nick Wurzer – Darkside 09:21
Dj Saint Louis – One More Life 06:34
Peter Meatman – The Lost Atlantis 08:54
Lucien Reden – Mojo Frequency 10:20
Αmber Tiny – Arrangement Of Wildflowers 04:27
Graham LIoris – My Beautiful Life 11:35
Maurizio Miceli – Shake Your Body 07:07
Nelman – Heliosphere 09:11

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Spaceal Orbeats Records - Welcome to Neverland LP (544 mb)

[Free Release] V.A. – Breathe 07

Honestly, I’m not feeling most of these tracks on Breathe 07. I think their previous compilations have been a lot better. Check it out, you may like it. I really enjoyed the “runner” track (youtube vid below). Also I couldn’t find a tracklist to copy and paste from anywhere on their site (I’m too lazy today to write it out myself). I wish netlabels would think of us bloggers and just have the details of their releases in a .txt file.

Download V.A. – Breathe 07 (146 mb)

[Free Tune] Cuetec – My Girl Friday

Cuetec does it again with another fresh, funky, soulful track to accompany this late starting summer we are having here in the UK. Thankyou Cuetec for making my Sunday much better for playing this track very loud whilst the sun shines through my window.

hey there,

here we have a lil more or less summer tune that was as a tribute to the song:

Lil Albert – My Girl Friday

its made with love and yeah ,its for free.so if you like it feel free to download share and comment it , or just say hello on facebook.

thank you very much!


Download Cuetec - My Girl Friday (6.45 mb)