[Release] Meysell Quintana – Orbit

I want to start posting more ambient, I’m going to try and start showcasing a few releases every week to balance out the blog.  It’s a genre I either love or hate, and most of the stuff I hate, but when I find something I like I always LOVE it and end up playing it over and over.

The artwork alone for this album deserves a mention, it immediately made me click to check out the music, I knew with an album cover like this I was bound to find at least one track I liked.

Few of the tracks on here I don’t like as I’m not a fan of dark drone,  but most of the track include space chatter samples from Houston and the astronauts so I’m immediately going to be drawn to those tracks on the album.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – STS-2


1. Skylab 06:10
2. Vostok 05:47
3. Endeavour 06:00
4. Sputnik 04:30
5. STS-2 05:11
6. Soyuz 06:17
7. STS-74 04:17
8. Mir 02:55

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[Release] Alteria Percepsyne – Mydriatic LP

I heard Alteria Percepsyne (Emily Griffiths) pop up on Silent Season back in 2010 and was very impressed by her work. She has just recently released her new album “Mydriatic”. Blending ambient, dub techno, and minimal sounds together to take us on a journey through blissful soundscapes. I’m loving the blend of sounds in this album, it really works to create a deep, rich listening experience. The little touches of field recordings work so perfectly in these tracks. A limited CD version of the album is hopefully in the works. You can download you copy (just £6 for 10 amazing tracks) from bandcamp using the link below.


1. Moth Heaven 03:30
2. Perimeter 09:38
3. Circumvent 06:23
4. Mydriatic 03:49
5. Inverse Reflection 07:31
6. Apparent Motion 08:28
7. Projected Rain 02:31
8. Noire 07:49
9. Emitting Broken Light 09:08
10. Carousel 01:36

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[Release] Bjorn Rohde – Intentionally Gone

Sublime bit of ambient dub by Bjorn Rohde. This was released last month but completely missed my radar. I have to say thankyou to Etoka Records for mentioning it on twitter

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As If – At Night LP (U-Cover Cdr Limited)

Great LP coming from As If for his first 2012 release.  Beautiful combinations of ambient atmospheres, field recordings and dub techno beats.

Kenneth Werner from Bornholm a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, created during his free nighthours a dub and ambient orientated album. During most of 2011 he work on several tracks and together with u-cover he selected 7 tracks that became this excellent ‘At Night’ album. Minimal floating ambient and dub tracks mixed with local taken fieldrecordings. Excellent soundtrack for the dark hours.


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[Album] Lars Leonhard – 1549 (BineMusic)

Following numerous digital releases during the past, Lars Leonhard’s full length debut album “1549” has now been released on BineMusic.

Its name derives from US Airways Flight 1549 which was ditched in the Hudson River after a bird strike about three minutes into the flight in January 2009. The overall theme runs like a common thread through the album, with Leonard mostly working with warm, deep pads and minimal sound effects. And as nature sets the agenda, hammering basses are obviously absent from this release.

“1549” will be released both on CD and as a digital download from all usual online music shopping outlets, with the digital edition including to additional tracks.

Bine Music


01. Decision Height
02. Clear Air Turbulence
03. Electromagnetic Pulse
04. Fly by Wire
05. Long Range Cruise
06. 1549
07. Altitude Error
08. Glideslope
09. True Heading
10. 564 Miles Per Hour
11. Total Pressure

Sam KDC – Marine Light EP [AUXTR 004]

Sam KDC drops a sumptuous 4 tracker on Auxiliary Transmissions, featuring a heap of styles from 170, to ambient, to techno and avant garde classical.

AUXTR004 – Sam KDC – Marine Light EP by Auxiliary

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