The White Man – Shining Trapezohedron (Grounded in Humanity)

12″ LIMITED EDITION 150 Copies, VINYL-ONLY – No digital download!

This time we present another story that has nothing to do with the main plot of the label, although it’s somehow connected to it. Let’s say it harkens back to the very origins of the storyline.

The White Man delivers an obscure and introspective trip that was revealed to him after several months of obssesive and recurring nightmares. This strange phenomenon abruptly ocurred when he found out about the existence of The Starry Wisdom and started to further investigate the fishy events that surrounded the sacrilegious worship.

– It’s something that I can’t and I ought not to remember, yet I desperately need to express. I just hope it doesn’t lead me to absolute dementia.

The recordings are brought to you in the form of a limited edition of 150 units of 12″ vinyl, hand stamped white label.

Please note: this is not a digital release. (Download NOT possible after purchase, ignore the automated message form Bandcamp below regarding unlimited download).

Mastered by José Rico.

Released May, 2017