Audub – Negative Space – ROMANCE002

Settling off the steam from the label’s debut release,”Audub”, DJ and label head at Linear Movement unleashes his deep and ambient infused techno for the second outing on The Romance Col.

The opener, “Little Things” is blissful, ambient drenched electronica, which creates a silhouette of complex romantic emotions synonymous with the label’s ethos. Ethereal synth lines flutter over a bed of lush ambience creating a melancholic yet blissful atmosphere. The A2, “Negative space”, picks up the deep and ambient setting with a dub techno pulse smothered in lush and dreamy pads. “Negative space” blends seamlessly into ‘Abstract Landscape” creating a mesmeric and sensual coast through deep and dub techno. Closing the EP, Hydergine interprets “Negative Space” into a smoke room techno jam for the early hours.

Visualised by Noelia Andres, ROMANCE002 is dub techno in a blissful and deep dream state.