Max – Aural Water EP

5th EP of the French label Plaisir Records made by their new artist Max (Italy)!!

Supports: Molly, Janeret, Jerome C., Chad Andrews, David Gtronic…

With this episode, Plaisir Records wants to dive into a shinier universe, with House music accents but still with their minimal touch.

With a real sense of discovering talent, Plaisir team makes Max (Italy) taking care of this new release. Massimo Pozzi used only analog sounds to increase the quality of his composition.

The main track, Aural Water, drives you directly to what this EP is about: sense of Groove, Melody and a perfect slightly touch of synths. The first break reveals little by little the melody that will pop into your head to never leave it. Then, you’ll be catch by the beats and kicks and a new line of synth appears briefly from time to time to make the track even more efficient.

On side B, Doppia Personalità opens with its rhythm variations that moves all the way till the end. Punchy kicks, synth breaks and bassline’s incursion are all this track is about.

Anidride Carbonica closes the EP and goes throught a more minimal mood. You may find it a bit calmer but that’s a mirage as the groove slowly increase to explode after each break.

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