Heavenchord – From Silent Constellation LP

Silence – this is like the echo of the eternity. The album is about identity searching, looking for what is going to be and how we can govern it in the positive way . The album make us think of the silence in our solves , in the world, in other people and everything . We want to touch upon that pieces of man’s universe which are often forgotten in everyday flux of noise and information. Many of us set to looking in the sky so rarely. We pay attention to loud or outrageous while there are so many beautiful things inside of us. Our rash is plunging us into the dark , eclipses us from what we really are and we stop observing great opportunities of our internal universe . Silence and peace give us understanding and comprehension. If the person is bored being in privacy it is high time to ring the alarm bell. Our life is not just the train of events……

1.Heavenchord – Digitalis 09:14
2.Heavenchord – Dub Encounter 09:08
3.Heavenchord – Foggy Mountains 11:30
4.Heavenchord – For Grad U 08:34
5.Heavenchord – For Maurizio 07:12
6.Heavenchord – From Silent Constellation 08:53
7.Heavenchord – Gentle Waves 08:23
8.Heavenchord – Horizons 07:47
9.Heavenchord – Into The Garden 05:44
10.Heavenchord – Out Of Many One People 09:32
11.Heavenchord – Second Shape 10:14
12.Heavenchord – The Gift 05:24