Derek Carr – Liquid Industries EP

WSS04 – Ireland icoming – Derek Carr makes his mark on Why So Series 004 – Long known as one of the most prolific and outstanding producers when it comes to dancefloor oriented techno and tech house influenced tracks, we are more than happy to present Derek’s Liquid industries EP’.

Ranging from the dubby influences of Theta’, the detroit laced Solar Storm’ & Sub System 7′, or the joyful escapism of Exodus II’, we bring you the glory of past days into the light of the new age of electronic music through heavy hitting kicks & basslines, rhytmic melodies and lush harmonies. Early support from Raresh…
Vinyl only, 180 gramm & original artwork included.


A1: Theta
A2: Solar Storm
B1: Sub System 7
B2: Exodus Ii

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