Schuttle talks inspirations for his new album ‘Home’ plus a free track

New label and album launching this week from Paris, France. We asked a few questions to the first artist to feature on Panatype. Check out the album on Bandcamp and enjoy the free track ‘Home’ (link at the bottom of page).

1 – What was the inspiration behind this album?

The inspiration for Home came mostly from moving from my home town of Newcastle to Brighton for uni. Many of the tracks came from experimentation with new techniques and approaches to music and sound based on what I was researching for my degree, specifically for my final year project which involved the creation of art and sound/music from astronomical data. As well as this, many of the tracks also came about from just getting really sick of using the same music software program for years so deciding to just do things wrong and try and break my DAW and push things really far until it sounded terrible or really weird.

2 – Were there any particular processes that you experimented with in this album?

I experimented a lot with reverb units within Logic, specifically the Space Designer, replacing the impulse responses with all sorts of sounds. For example, Home, the last track on the album, is made from the sound of a few seconds of a piano keys. I then put a reverb unit on the piano, but used an eight minute recording of my family opening presents at Christmas as the impulse response, which made Logic crash a lot. I then processed this over and over again adding different keys and effects to the sound and slowing things down, and exporting the track various times and blending them together. I did a similar thing for the first track Meed Trope, I started out recording myself scratching with some crackly run-out grooves on some old records and then put them through a reverb unit with different piano tones on, and then forever exporting the track with different keys and effects and speeds until it’s unrecognisable from how it started.

3 – What gear are you using?

Just a mac, Logic X, and some shit speakers, hence getting sick of Logic and trying to break it all the time.

4 – 5 favourite artists at the moment (can be any genre)

• K. Leimer
• So Inagawa
• Will Long/Celer
• Jasmine Guffond
• Nisennenmondai

5 – What do you have planned for the rest of 2017

Keep making lists of artists I like that I think make me look eclectic but really just make me look wanky. Also hopefully share more music.

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To celebrate the launch of the label and new album Panatype have been kind enough to give away a track from the album. Download Here.


Buy the album via Bandcamp