Sehr Kosmisch Mix

Five years ago, I made a mix called From Krautrock to kosmische musik. As I was making the mix, I discovered Julian Cope’s book called ”Krautrocksampler” In that book lies a section which is quite interesting for me, as an avid cosmic traveller and ambient buff. The section is about ”Kosmische music”. Two years ago, I ordered the long out of print book and read it all so quickly, fascinated by this amazing insight in German culture, music and more importantly, how the music came to be crafted and by whom.

I had started collecting Krautrock before, but I found myself more drawn towards the cosmic movement than the rhythm based motorik style known as Krautrock. Musicians like Klaus Schulze, Popol vuh, Ashra, Edgar Froese (RIP), Harmonia and of course, Tangerine dream. So came the idea of making a mix on beatless cosmic german tracks known as ”kosmische musik”. I gathered my favorite albums, and made the mix. I have seen Tangerine dream live twice and would like to dedicate this mix to the late Edgar Froese. The man may be no longer on Earth with us, but his music will live on forever… And let yourself be ”very cosmic” (Sehr kosmisch) for over an hour together !

1) Danyel Galaxy : Cybernetic Permutations In The Key Of A
2) Edgar Froese : NGC 891 (Aqua / 1974)
3) Tangerine dream : Rubycon part 1 (Rubycon / 1975)
4) Tangerine dream : The keep (The Keep / 1983)
5) Edgar Froese : Epsilon in Malaysian (Epsilon In Malaysian Pale/1975)
6) Klaus Schulze : Alles ist gut (Alles Ist Gut (Concert 1975)
7) Mergener & Weisser : Rainbow (Beam-scape / 1984)
8) Tangerine dream : Phaedra (Phaedra / 1974)
9) Ashra : Ocean of tenderness (New Age of Earth / 1976)
10) Harmonia : Sehr kosmisch (Musik von Harmonia / 1974)
11) Ashra : Nightdust (New Age of Earth / 1976)
12) Popol Vuh : Ich mache einen spiegel (Affenstunde / 1970)
13) Cluster & Brian Eno ‎: Old Land (Old Land / 1985)

Dedicated to all my German friends !