Bertrand P – Arkaz EP (MOD001)

In an age where waiting for anything is an immediate inconvenience and more is the norm, Bertrand P’s fashion-forward first release “Arkaz” from Modmotif proves otherwise. With a back-to-basics approach to dub techno, the EP’s two original tailored tracks provide the emotional sensibility that electronic music enthusiasts seek in a fashionable world.

The first ensemble to hit the runway off the EP “Arkaz” is refreshingly confident with an empowered bassline and cinched with chic and scintillating percussion. It is the ultimate reminder that less is more in an effort to reshape current trends in our optimistic underground scene. The second ensemble “Botz” is as earthy and bohemian as techno can be. Subtle yet poignant atmospheric accents splash throughout, while the generously oversized bassline produces the warm curves and layers that one looks for on an overcrowded dance floor. The EP is supported by remixes from Rehash, Remove Hyphen, Run. Catch.Kiss and Ansidis, bringing a circular presence to the collection. Rehash designs the first track; his custom tech house brings a new found functionality that encompasses mesmerizing, artifacted vocals, allowing a touch of brilliance to any dance floor or DJ set. Remove Hyphen goes classic minimal with a stripped demeanor narrowly stitched with posh percussion and a distressed bassline. Run.Catch.Kiss styles the third remix, a modish approach to techno that aims to be subtly noticed with tightly-seamed synths paired with an exposed, baggy bassline. Ansidis rounds out the collection showcasing his signature imprint, wide-legged dynamics and a forceful, deliberate downtempo sure to make an appearance in any set or playlist. Arkaz is all thrills and no “frills.” Newly formed Modmotif may have just got it right with their street-fashioned, city-minded inaugural release.


A1 – Arkaz

A2 – Botz

B1 – Arkaz (Rehash Remix)

B2 – Arkaz (Remove Hyphen Remix)

B3 – Botz (Run.Catch.Kiss Remix)

B4 – Botz (Ansidis Inferred Reflections Remix)