GOS MUSIC STUDIO Winter Flakes Volume II

We let ourselves be influenced by the inexorable passing of time. As the snowflakes fall to the ground, let time dissolve our thoughts, and make them water. This compilation is a path to dissolve the mind, to meditate, and let your heart beat. Eleven artists from around the world, from Italy to Australia, with a stopover in Greece, America, Germany …. the music has combined these human in a collective work, the distances are shorter, the weather continues to will flow, but the music remains.

This work, this album is a compilation released by the independent dubtechno label of Southern Italy, Gos Music Studio Records. For about three years, our reality is concerned with promoting dubtechno music from southern Italy, we are the only reality of this territory to deal with this kind of music. The passion drives us to create contacts and collaborations with these great artists, who have given us their tracks, without any money compensation.

We tried to join most of the exponents of this musical movement, the second edition of WINTER FLAKES, is a work of meticulous craftsmanship.

We wanna thank :

DT-90 @dt-90
Mechanist @iivii-label
Overcast Sound @overcast-sound
Schulz Audio @schulz_audio
Volunteer @volunteer_seb
Subset @subsetdubs
Zander One @zanderone
Substak @substak
G.U.A @pascalmusique
Ort3d @ort3d
MSL (Italy ) @msl-italy

A finest selection of deep, dubtechno and ambient tracks.
Eleven artists from all around the world in an atmospheric piece of music.
A big thanks goes to all this guys for their tracks, your are fantastic producers, and humans!