Ekstendia – The road to Soniel EP incl. Sheebo & Ort3d Remixes

Pure dub techno music from cold Russia, this time is Andrey Ekesendia to give these two original track, slow, like snowflakes falling in Siberia. Tracks that contain the secret of dubtecno music, or the vastness of landscapes, the cold that almost becomes warm, the spirit of nature. Road to Soniel … a road leading somewhere … A remix from Ort3d young talents based in Gos Music, a livelier work but always steady and slow. Sheebo Instead, the German producer (gunner), has been involved in Rishikesh in the hand … has pulled out a cannon … suits to destroy everything , but always maintaining grace and kindness. A good collective work of three artists. Great EP from the dubtechno net label of South Italy.

GOS MUSIC STUDIO: https://www.facebook.com/GosMusicStudioRecords

EKSTENDIA : https://www.facebook.com/ekstendia

SHEEBO: https://soundcloud.com/sheebo

ORT3D: https://www.facebook.com/Ort3d-1577822859113378/?