F0 – Red Lit Rooms

I have been playing a few of F0 tracks on the last 2 shows and wanted to share his new album with you all. It features a varied selection of styles all closely linked to dub techno. Highly recommended album, have a listen please support by buying the album or a track or 2.

1.Haze 05:40
2.Bokeh 08:50
3.Alley 07:00
4.Dialog 06:30
5.Velvet 04:40
6.Flashing Amber 07:00
7.Station Street 09:30
8.Artificial Light 04:50
9.Spotless 04:40
10.Late Commute 05:30
11.P20 1AM 06:45
12.P20 3AM 11:00