We just signed up to Patreon, please support us with a monthly pledge

For those who haven’t heard of Patreon, it’s a platform which allows you to support your favourite creators with one off or monthly recurring donations.

I setup a page as I’d love some help with donations to improve our shows and blog content on a whole.

If everyone one of you reading this donated just $1 per month we’d have more than enough to improve the blog and podcasts.

The main thing we would like to do is improve the music we play on my weekly show for you all. So much dub techno is vinyl only and as I don’t have a record deck anymore I don’t get access to all this amazing music to share with you.

One idea to get people contributing is to setup a sort of vinyl club. We haven’t finalised how it would work yet but it would look something like this.

  1. You sign up to the vinyl owners pledge of $30 per month. The more that sign up for this pledge the cheaper it will be. I only need about 200 euro per month to buy the vinyl I want.
  2. With the money I purchase a vinyl deck and my favourite dub techno vinyl only releases.
  3. I get to play them on the show, thus improving our shows massively.
  4. At the end of each month I give away all the vinyl to the vinyl owner pledgers.

We’d either do it through a winner takes all giveaway or evenly distribute the vinyl between the patreons.

Other things we would do with the money is hire someone to increase the amount of content we publish on the blog and youtube channels. We’d look to reaching out to many artists and labels to get exclusive content. Dub Techno Blog is incredibly established in the community, I’ve been running in solo for the last 8 years and would love to get some help finally.

By pledging just $1 per month you’ll get exclusive access to our weekly show in uncompressed .wav formats. On top of that we’ll also be getting hold of some exclusive free tracks for the patreons.

Visit my Patreon page and donate