Thrumcast 023 – Mig Madiq

From the Thrum Room massif we wish you all a Happy New Year. We could not think of a better way to begin 2016 than with a solid local Thrumcast, hence we bring to you Thrumcast 023 by Johannesburg based Mig Madiq.

The Thrumcast is an immaculate blend of one part Miguel’s own fine taste in deep house, one part a representation of his co-ownership in independent record label Just Move Records, and one part Thrum Room experimentation.

“Just Move Records is a South African record label and publisher, it has no regard for current trends and it has no desire to be hip or fit in, the focus is always on the music. A burning passion to push local artists, a social responsibility to expose bedroom producers and a need to showcase rare talent from humble backgrounds. Fusing music, art and poetry, releasing artistic pieces that tell a story of struggle, motivation and brighter days.”

Tracklisting :

Alan Watts – Inception

Things From the Basement – Floral Ground

Kassian Troyer – Breezy

Iquar Vale – From Tale

Basicnoise – Oxytocin

Roger Gerressen – Faithful

Fingers In The Noise – Lazy Beat

Roman Fluegel – In Your Wardrobe

Joel Alter_Henrik Jonsson – Acapellan

Frazer Campbell – Suddenly

Horse – Simak Delitvin Dub Benedictus Version

Doyeq – Frame

Shervaan Bergsteedt – My Existence