Gramanalogue feat. Fabietto Jeffterry – She Drives Me Crazy (Jeffterry Remix) EP

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Erick Morillo, Nick Fiorucci, The Groove Brothers, Thorpish

We are proud to present a new debuting duo on Southside Recordings, Gramanalogue feat. Fabietto Jeffterry.

The young producer originating from Spain, Gramanalogue. together with the more experienced Italian deep house producer Fabietto Jeffterry. describes their music as a touch of freedom and a way of expressing themselves in one voice. Fabietto grow up between the notes of urban music at the late 80’s, and this is something you definitely can hear flavours of in this funky collaboration EP.

Gramanalogue feat. Fabietto Jeffterry – She Drives Me Crazy, is a 5 track deep house EP that goes from deeply hypnotic and gives us some influences from the 70’s Old School sound. This is of course nicely merged together with the electronic world of Deep House!

To get an insight the duo tells us that the explosive mixture of two worlds that often walk both parallel and intersecting perfectly, is their aim in both productions and performances. Thats something we at Southside Recordings can understand after listening to this monster EP on repeat.

Gramanalogue feat. Fabietto Jeffterry – She Drives Me Crazy (Fabietto Jeffterry Remix) Official

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