Hall of Dub Compilation Vol. Two

Deeptakt Records is proud to release the 2nd chapter of its “Hall of Dub” series.

After one year of sampling the best Dubtechno, Electronica, and Deeptechno artists currently active, Deeptakt releases a massive 16 track 2CD-Compilation on 1st June.

The record showcases a wide range of electronic music genres – even a 303 is used, providing texture and echo soundscapes.

If you are looking for a fully-packed, deep, yet still relaxing compilation, don’t look any further. We are sure you will agree there is none finer – this compilation mirrors the very genetic code of Deeptakt Records and its artists.

Give it a spin.

CD 1

1| If i had a Hifi – Friction Dub
2| Bjorn Rohde – Save the Earth
3| Erich Schall – Chordbounce
4| Frank Hellmond – RV34
5| Molly Modulator – Beneath the Surface
6| Wenzel Mehnert – Drunken Dub
7| Warmth – Downpour
8| Matthias Springer – Graceful Spaces

CD 2

1| Biodub – Positive Mind
2| mon0 – Shaped Universe
3| Markus Masuhr – Smaltje Harventhie
4| sub.made – Point Leonhardt
5| S_EncE – End of Summer
6| Fluxshine – Stony Hill
7| m.i.c.r.o. – Heimatbassolie
8| Monochord – Analog Trinity Dub

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Compiled by: Alexander Senge – www.deeptakt.net
Mastering by: Soup Mastering – www.deeptakt.net
Cat-Nr: dtcomp002
Design: Markus Wilwerscheidt – www.domrauschen.com