Thrumcast 020 – Kat La Kat

Kat La Kat has earned somewhat legendary status over the past few years, largely thanks to sterling quality of his Deep Vibes mix series. Each episode enjoys a bit of a cult following and his popularity in deep house circles has led to a number of bookings at some of the country’s biggest festivals and events, a guest mix on the Deeper Shades of House show, not to mention his output as a producer of silky smooth deep house.

Kat was therefore a pretty obvious fit for the Thrumcast series, and his contribution is an effortless blend of genres and textures that affirms his status as one of the country’s leading purveyors of the deep.

Tracklisting :

Nutia – Fade
Frank & Tony – Villa Seurat
Aroy Dee – City Of Others (Cliff Lothar subway dub)
Jouem – Tale Of Victory
Stereociti – Ahead
Dilated Pupils -700
Meters Pfalz – Letzt
Iron Curtis – Shouting & Screaming
Smallpeople – Blissful Limbo
Vandal_M – Crazy World
Simoncino – Dreams Of Konders