Guam Podcast #1 : Kaffeklubben – Audub

Here is a podcast from Audub for Guam Music; 

Audub is a talented Dub Techno artist , he did some stuff for MOSHItaka, Dimbidub, Pragmat, and more recently sub.spiele (on a various with artists like Zzzzra, Martin Nonstatic, Upwellings, etc).


1 – Imaginary Numbers (Original Mix) – Peak:Shift
2- Reveal (Original Mix) – Remote
3- Every Cloud (Original Mix) – Leif
4- South Exit (Original Mix) – Peak:Shift
5- Dazzling Light (Original Mix) – Jouem 
6- Clack (Original Mix) – Dean DeCosta 
7- Elation (Original Mix) – Fluxion