[Dub Techno Mix] Alessandro Crimi – Circles and Spheres Mix

Alessandro Crimi (born February 25th, 1983 in Feldkirch, Austria) is an electronic music producer, DJ and record collector based in Switzerland. Music always has been his big passion.
It all started very early when he found some real gems in his parents’ record collection from the likes of Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys or Depeche Mode which he really loved.

He is known for his deep and Dub influenced DJ sets, and many people say that he is a true specialist for playing warm ups. His own music has been released on various vinyl and
digital labels like Sthlmaudio, Italic, Broque, Etui, Waehlscheibe, Biotop and many others.

In 2012 he has started the vinyl label ‘Waehlscheibe’ which he is running together with his friends.



1. Takuya Morita – Cloud Reflections (waehl006 – release on 12″ soon…)
2. Schinzel & Rjega – Exonova (Alessandro Crimi Remix) (dimbideep – release on 12″ soon…)
3. Ohrwert – Airy Pattern (Ohrwertdigital)
4. D.Diggler – Highrise (raum…musik029)
5. Havantepe – War Cry (baum010)
6. Takuya Morita – Tomayu (waehl006 – release on 12″ soon…)
7. Schinzel & Rjega – Exotope (dimbideep – release on 12″ soon…)
8. Doyeq – On the Rocket (draft ltd)
9. Modernism – Immagine 01 (Shapeless)
10. Patrick Zigon – Detroit liegt am Bodensee (Alessandro Crimi Rework) (Biotop)
11. Dub Taylor – Reflection 1 (Eintakt)
12. Nikosf. – Our Road Home (Moshi003)