[Dub Techno Release] Phantom Network – Ghost Data EP

Some stunning, high quality, dub tech tracks in this ep from Phantom Network

Another edition with the SoundDesigners stamp inside our Technogate line. An artist from London who debuts in our team. The UK Richard Simmons with the alias PhantomNetwork on the LP called Ghostdata. No doubt that this work is full of good, dynamic, delicate taste, subtlety, strength, innovation and personality.

After these accolades, clear that we want in our midst. While traveling on this LP can move in many scenarios either in stimulating our imagination either on the dance floor. Chords with the very present, flew on a carpet mainly be Deep Dub techno and beyond. It is very appealing to lovers of this type of landscapes.

This ghost information can be reflective and instructed of foundation of dance, whether that is shed in this 6 themes. Phantom Network shows in this fantastic LP that did not come here to play but to add something to our world. Always with the balance this need not forgetting what may come around in the near future.


My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Shibuya (Rain Dub).


Shibuya (Rain dub)
Shibuya (After Hours)
Above The City

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