[Dub Techno Mix] Beatpoet – Dragonsback

After over one year in hong kong, i’m back home and got some time to put my thoughts and adventures into an journey full of deep and dubby sounds. As the hustle and bustle of the city is overwhelming, the sounds, smells and visuals morph into one constant stream of information, overloading ones perception within no time, but at the same time, bringing myself in a relaxed state of mind, because the brain cant take any more. This recording is trying to blend the songs constantly, not releasing the single tracks into their independence, leaving them floating in the background.


1.Morning Again by Rod Modell
2.Spring Mist by Deepchord
3.Body Sonic by Rod Modell
4.Hotel Chez Moi by Rod Modell
5.Forester park by Rod Modell
6.Spiral 2 by Deepchord
7.Tendency by Jan Jelinek
8.Amsterdam Remnant 4 by Deepchord
9.CCTV by Monolake
10.Quadradelay by Atheus
11.Groovelock (Echospace Detroit Mix One) by Slam (Deepchord & Echospace Remixes)
12.City Centre by Deepchord
13.Untitled 7 by Deepchord Presents Echospace
14.Firefly by Deepchord Presents Echospace
15.Summer haze by Deepchord Presents Echospace
16.Bab by Rod Modell
17.Romeo Kalimba by Deadbeat & Fenin
18.Genau by Mike Dehnert
19.Amsterdam Remnant 3 by Deepchord
20.Orbiting by Deepchord Presents Echospace
21.Burnt Sage by Deepchord Presents Echospace
22.Birds Fly by Flapping Their Wings by Biosphere
23.Site 312 by Marko Fuerstenberg
24.Speed And Sound (Regis ZArts Lab Mix) by Sandwell District
25.Amazon by Monolake
26.Alfama by Deepchord
27.Desolate Plains by Leftover
28.Biosphere – poa alpina by Biosphere
29.Tangent I by Monolake
30.Amsterdam Remnant 5 by Deepchord
31.Ghost Theory by Deepchord Presents Echospace
32.Second Quarter by Deadbeat
33.Aquatic Night Mix 2 by Deepchord
34.Canis (Theorem Vs Sutekh) by Theorem
35.Berlin Meets NY by Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald
36.Mainline by Brendon Möller
37.Luryken XIX by Electribalt
38.Groovelock (Deepchord Rebuild) by Slam (Deepchord & Echospace Remixes)
39.Nova by Leftover
40.People are friends by Biosphere

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