[Vinyl Release] Nikosf. – Collecting The Moments

An absolute essential purchase for any dub techno fans. Unfortunately only available for vinyl players. Hopefully in the future this will be released digitally for everyone to enjoy, seems a waste of beautiful music to me.

One of the best releases of 2014!

Debut album of nikosf. “Collecting The Moments” was born in summer of 2011. After a pause of one year, it was continued in winter of 2012 and finalised in spring of 2014. Released in summer of 2014 by MOSHItaka on 2×12″ and its available through decks.de. Tranquil soundscapes, minimalistic rhythms and warm dub undertones. A deep and expressive sound that resonates with all, yet is totally unique to nikosf.



1. the park from above
2. a womans nature
3. our road home
4. a matter of shape
5. fire variations
6. solution illusion
7. moment collector
8. interpersonal communication
9. horizons

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