[Dub Techno Release] Federsen – Point Reyes / 50 Hz

We reviewed the vinyl release of this last year and I rated ‘Point Reyes’ as one of my favourite tracks of 2013. The vinyl version sounded perfect! Now Federsen has released the digital version for all the non-vinyl fans on the Fifth Interval bandcamp page. Federsen has also told us that 002 will be released soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Essential Purchase for any Federsen fan’s, ‘Point Reyes’ is simply stunning.

Kicking off the new Fifth Interval label, San Francisco based dub techno producer Federsen heads up the premier release.

The title track is a hazy dub techno trip filled with washes of tape delayed chords and crisp snares while the B1 track – 50Hz is a far more broken affair, 140 BPM gear comparable to the likes of Deadbeat and Strategy.

For the final track, Isodyne (one half of Forward Strategy Group) shakes up 50 Hz, slowing it down to an incredibly weighty 115 BPM, finalising an excellent release with something for discerning DJs of all tastes.

Fifth Interval


1.Point Reyes 08:21
2.50 Hz 07:13
3.50 Hz (Isodyne Remix) 06:00

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