[Dub Techno Vinyl Release] ART ZERO 02 feat. Ohrwert, Zzzra, Marco Supernak, Antagonisten

Art Zero are back to follow up on their fantastic first release. I’m happy to see Ohrwert (anything this man releases is pure gold) and Marco Supernak on the tracklist again who both featured on Art Zero 01. We are also introduced to Antagonisten and Zzzzra who will hopefully both feature on the label again in the future because both their tracks are very nice.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Ohrwert – Dynamik.


A1: Ohrwert – Dynamik
A2: Marco Supernak – Verschwunden im bedeutungslosen Tigermaul
B1: Zzzzra – A few days of invinite sadness
B2: Antagonisten – Bilingual

facts //

unique copies – handmade centersleeves

black vinyl , 33 min-1
full cover
salz mastering cologne
pressing: MPO france

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