[Dub Techno Release] Zander One – Z1MX13

Some outstanding remixes from Zander One, this is a beautiful collection of dub techno and gets our ‘Dub Techno Approved’ stamp, an essential purchase. I was lucky enough to feature on Slow Living Volume 2 grab his free track in that link.

This album is a compilation of ambient and dub techno artist Zander One’s remixes from 2013. While they are from various releases, these 7 remixes are all characterized by Zander One’s signature sound: Lush pads drenched in reverb and modulation, hypnotic bass rhythms, and melodic stabs that coalesce into a colorful haze.

Contains remixes of tracks by Coppice Halifax, Deepwarmth, Asymmetrical Head, Zander One, and Umbra.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Coppice Halifax – Leaf Cloak (Zander One Dissociation remix) // Honestly its hard to choose a best track on this EP.


1.Asymmetrical Head – Information World (Data Error zmx) 04:25
2.Coppice Halifax – Smoker’s Lux (Radiation) 07:17
3.Umbra – Vincent (Debirth remix) 03:36
4.Coppice Halifax – Leaf Cloak (Zander One 4 AM remix) 04:54
5.Coppice Halifax – Leaf Cloak (Zander One Dissociation remix) 04:55
6.Deepwarmth – Ratio of Silver (Zander One dub) 05:51
7.Zander One – Cascade (Extended mix) 01:52