[Free Release] Teemu T – City Night (Basic Sounds 42)

Teemu T certainly knows what he likes and it’s hard not to love him for it, magnificent threads of cottony-soft dub chords and gaseous atmospherics on top of pulsing rhythms comes instinctually for the Finnish producer. Known for his two decades worth of releases on the following labels; Pohjola, Instabil, Bio-mechanics, Zooloft, Carmarage, ZeECc, Quadrant Recordings, Confineless, Kaukana Väijyy Ambient, Silver Fields Records, District Facility, Trust, ROHS!, Zero Mean Records, Limit Cycle, Forest Roots, Biorecordings, Axaminer, Es Radio & Label, and his own recently started output Fluvial Synechords. Teemu T follows-up with his second outstanding release City Night for basic_sounds.

“City Night” opens the EP with reverberating echoes, distant pulses and crackling nuances, perfect for late night immersion. It’s dancefloor music if you want it to be, or it’s home listening, either way it’s a sound you’ll want to dive into. Teemu T’s continues his dub-infused night groove with “Synapse,” a pulsing atmospheric journey that floats the listener forward with his throbbing pulses. “Wavescape” closes the release with a more introspective dreamlike exploration. Overall, another beautiful, lush, absorbing submission guided by finely honed studio instincts.

Playlist: Teemu T – City Night