[Free Dub Techno Release] Frictional Transmission / If i had a hi fi – Deep Data EP (Kopoc Label 012)

Deep data rescued from the prodigious minds of these artists, mixing strength with softness and warmth to reach this fantastic e.p with 6 original tracks and two remixes.

Different concepts together to provide sensations to all listeners, another way to love music, to find the sound … this is our goal.

Mastering by Billy Niko and Vtr.


1. Frictional Transmission – 1.1
2. If i had a hi fi – G.M.S
3. Frictional Transmission – 1.2
4. If i had a hi fi – Kontinuum
5. Frictional Transmission – 1.3
6. If i had a hi fi – Silica
7. If i had a hi fi – Silica (Frictional Transmission Remix)
8. Frictional Transmission – 1.2 (Ifihadahifi Remix)


Download Deep Data EP