[Dub Techno Mix] Alex F – Sound Portal 028 (01.09.2013)

Pure dub techno selection, fantastic journey and I love Alex’s description below….

I present to you a new mix with a theme – Dub techno.

Dub techno – it’s music of evenings and nights … Rain Music and melancholy of autumn … Music for those who prefer a minimum of external forms and bright candy wrappers, with a maximum depth of content.

Dub techno, probably until the end of his days will languish in obscurity and underground peeling walls. Which is good, because if he suddenly gets a bright shiny clubs, then immediately lose its most loyal fans.

The ideal atmosphere for listening – a walk to this music on a rainy evening in the city of headphones, wrapped in scarves, hats, and their own thoughts.

Alex F


01. Martin Nonstatic – Parallel Thinking
02. Pobedia – Time
03. Subforms – Metro
04. Aura Fresh – Seti
05. Mindspan – Co-axial 2
06. Kogyo – The Eyes of Eternity
07. Subforms – One Day
08. Nebyla – Black Wolf (Pobedia Remix)
09. Kyle Erich Schulz – Visible Coma
10. Martin Nonstatic – Parallel Surfing
11. Biodub – 7pm September Light
12. Atheus – Sphere One
13. Subforms – The Green Wave
14. Kogyo – The Eyes of Eternity
15. Subforms & Zizz – Cradle (Syene Version)
16. Textural Being – Snow On The Wayside
17. Abstract Nostalgic Fractals Systems – Untitled
18. Docetism – Die Weltflucht
19. Edanticonf – Drome
20. Michal Wolski – Matter of Life and Death
21. Conforce – Robotic Arm Wrestle

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