Dub Techno Blog Podcast 008 – Deep sounds of Summer 2013 Megamix

Seeing as we haven’t done a podcast since March I thought I’d put together some of my favourite tracks from this summer in a mega 3.5 hour summer compilation mix. Perfect for celebrating the heat wave we should hopefully be having for the rest of August in London 🙂

Its my usual blend of dub techno, deep house, ambient, dubstep, I have been very lucky to be gifted with a few promo vinyls over the last few months so was nice to play these on my system.

I had such a headache getting this mix recorded. I think it took over 1 week. First few times I forgot to plug in my usb soundcard and ended up not recording anything! 2 other times i was recording and thought it was getting read in audacity but turned out it was just recording through my laptop microphone ><. It has been the most stressful podcast i have recorded haha. Also my laptop battery only lasts for 2 hours, so I have to stop half way through the mix and recharge the battery to continue the recording, hence why you can probably hear slight pitch changes in the mix -_-.

Hopefully its come out ok, there’s a lot of good music in here, I hope you enjoy the journey.

Remember, if you like a track please support the artist and label, go buy or download the tracks in the links I’ve provided in the tracklist.

Full Size Artwork – i.imgur.com/dYa0Vic.jpg


Federsen – Point Reyes (INTERVAL 001 Vinyl – bit.ly/18NMW6X)
Cliff Tower – Avenue Chords (bit.ly/11Mvjgf)
Bohdan – Nalaikh (bit.ly/ZXX6MZ)
Biodub – The Clash Of The Tides (bit.ly/161wgbb)
Anton Zap – Water (bit.ly/13Xfjcl)
Baumfreund – Garten Eden (bit.ly/153zhGT)
Matthias Springer – Noise Sea (btprt.dj/15Y1VYv)
Ohrwert – Shadow Fading (ART ZERO 01 Vinyl – art-zero.com/index.php/release)
Hydergine – Space Scan (bit.ly/14E4mCw)
Telegraphy – Nigh Bike Ride (archive.org/details/Constructs)
Fingers in the Noise – Sleeping Sun (Taken from Futur​[​e​]​cho 2013: bit.ly/18jSYZJ
Terminal Sync – ’99 (ekar.bandcamp.com/album/aa2086)
Tomas Rubeck – Teal (bit.ly/161wgbb)
Volunteer – Float On Forever (Drift Deeper Recordings 008 – archive.org/details/ddr008)
Federsen – Red Light (btprt.dj/14wN2wy)
Sound Preservation Agency – Falling (btprt.dj/14E4NwX)
Life’s Track – Dark Clouds (bit.ly/1eAen2n)
Mr. Kavalicious – Midnight Bounce (bit.ly/18jTUgT)
George Vala, Audioprophecy – City In Arms (btprt.dj/11UmeFo)
Kava Groove, Tom Forester – Everybody Knows (bit.ly/14hnIqh)
Silvia Riolo LaDJ – Too Deep
Lusi Mel – This That Deep Ish (Forthcoming Drift Deeper Recordings – Slow Living Volume 2)
Hazem Beltagui – Cala Conte (btprt.dj/17f1gkz)
Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – Dusty Dub
Offshore, Coen – Drifting Feat Djana Covic (btprt.dj/15Y4WYQ)
Dave Sloan – Retrospective (Brian Taaffe Remix) (btprt.dj/19afOnG)
BE – Move (Vinyl)
Frankie Magic – Talk To Me – Rogersiz Old Skool Dub (btprt.dj/15qhB35)
Lars Vegas – Break Me Down (Homework Remix) (btprt.dj/18lYHhM)
Flapjackers – Synthesis
Jeremy Breen – Silent Rain ( Dual T Remix)
V I F & Lola Palmer – Dreamer (D Chmelyuk remix)
Vicromen – New York
Mike Sharon – A Groove Livin (bit.ly/16IIWCc)
Havantepe – Dissapearing in the fog (bit.ly/13DF336)
Verano – Behind This Window (Deeper Meaning 004 Vinyl – bit.ly/1cWafvE)
Ericcst – You’ll never walk alone in tokyo (Naoyuki Sasanami Redux) (Forthcoming Drift Deeper Recordings – Slow Living Volume 2)
Vicca – Coffee Break (btprt.dj/1cEudN5)
Lone – Begin to begin (bit.ly/14LCngJ)
P.Laoss – Play My Music (AMAZING VINYL! – bit.ly/14k78pG)
Inner City – Good Life (Flo Remix) (Dub)
Miruga – Night Call (Dub)
Subject – Reactions (Forthcoming Drift Deeper Recordings – Slow Living Volume 2)
DP-6 – Mountain Stream (btprt.dj/15qgoJ4)
Lake Minor – Brickman Remix (bit.ly/ZIsK3j)
Alessandro Crimi & Patrick Zigon – Jailed In The Restroom (www.biotop-label.net/bios_007/)
Pobedia – Flex (bit.ly/19btT4q)
Sven Laux – Finding Our Way Back (bit.ly/15qgEYr)
Gblanco – Excerpts From Rhea (bit.ly/17GtaVJ)
Docetism – Glückliche Nichtsein (bit.ly/164CuqT)
Mozzo – Scrap & Scrap (Drift Deeper Recordings 008 – archive.org/details/ddr008)
The Industrialism – Nicolas (bit.ly/1cpCdC8)
Kativa – A Change Of Scenery (Crookid Keyapella mix) (bit.ly/14FdoPH)

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