Dub Techno Blog Podcast 006 – Showcasing the finest deep electronic music each month

The last Dub Techno Blog podcast of 2012….what a year it has been!

So much good music has been released over the last 12 months, I’m very excited to see what 2013 will bring, hopefully more of the same. Deep and Dubby!

I would just like to say thankyou to all the labels, artists, fans, podcast listeners, blog readers for keeping this music alive.

If you want to send me your tracks for the chance to be featured on future podcasts I’ll happily give your tracks a listen as long as its deep electronic music I don’t really care what genre, I’ll try to fit a bit of everything in (even if it does muck up the mixing and tempo).

Send me your track via my dropbox or use the following form – www.dubtechnoblog.com/send-me-your-tracks/

Happy New Year To Everyone!


[00:00] Liquom – Sintetico#1
[05:00] Atabey – Luperotuen
[08:55] Nacho Monetto – M2.g
[11:30] Adverb – Tarde Eterna
[16:25] Hiver – A Day
[20:15] Krisz Deak – Simple Life
[24:30] Josef Gaard – Chariot
[28:30] Lee Walker – The Deep Stuff
[34:07] Cera Alba – Forget The Future
[39:00] Monocles & Slezz – Canary islands
[43:40] DJ Wady – Alegria En Bossa Feat Kike Fernandez (Deep Josh)
[47:49] Tinozz & Poetic feat Mado – Intoxicated (Tinozz Real Deep Mix)
[52:30] Jerome Sydenham – Bozak
[56:55] Martin Schlte – Lights
[59:55] Miruga – Private Tapes
[01:02:50] Sjef Wanders – Many Ways
[01:07:05] Savvas – Soultown
[01:10:53] Jerome Sydenham – Runaway Girl
[01:14:20] Izzat Man – Abyss
[01:16:45] Martin Schulte – Floating
[01:20:35] Seitengangabteil – Nachtzug
[01:23:40] Glander – Vacuum (Live)


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