[Dub Techno Release] Sleepwalker – Cosmic Run EP

Hello, we are proud to announce our Debut EP. It is composed by 3 Melodic deep techno tracks, and each of them tells a different story related with the unknown world that lies behind our foreheads, inside our minds. It’s about the mystery that occurs when our eyes cease to open, and we start seeing with our imagination. It’s about what happens when life is temporarily unplugged from the reality socket.

Sleepwalker – Escape (Original mix)

Whenever the air around us feels heavy and unbreatheable, the walls close in and you see no way out, it is then when your world starts to collapse and everything around you starts to show it’s true nature. It’s then when you clearly see that what you’ve lived for so far is not what you truly wished for yourself.  Its is then when you feel the urge to escape from your rotten shell. Escape.

Sleepwalker – Into the void (Original mix)

Imagine yourself standing on the edge. One step forward brings the unknown, one step back keeps you awake in a world you wished it wasn’t real. A step forward may be bliss, may be pain, may be absolute and total darkness, a glitch in the space – time fabric, ethereal or eternal.  Or don’t take any step at all, and stand on the limb of consciousness.

Sleepwalker – Cosmic Run (Original mix)

Being a spectator in a show you can’t control, and simultaneously playing the main role result in an overwhelming experience that goes beyong beliefs and fears. A stage where your dreams are so intense, ridiculously wierd and with a concerning lack of explanation that you know it can’t be real, but however you wished it was.


Our music is not about who we are, is about what is left of us when our identities vanish and something pure begins to happen.

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