[CD Release] Narcotic 303 – Second World LP (DIDCD​-​005)

DeepInDub are having an excellent 2013. Putting out so many quality releases. This one is no different and features 8 superb tracks from Narcotic 303.

And check out the lovely packaging for this CD release

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I’m thrilled, to present you this masterpiece cd… this album prove the music genius is Narcotic 303 !!

All the tunes are powerfull and take to the limit of deep dubtechno, with amazing armonies and creative basslines…

Deep sonic soundscapes mingle with dub basslines to create massive moments. Nostalgic moments from second world tunes come back to me but in a warm, lush, dubby melodies.

This album will feel like an extension of the trip on the dance floor. A magical journey built on the moods and concepts of dubby music, to perfectly complement each other into another whole.

Listened to a song one after the other, you’ll enjoy a unique experience, and always different, that never tires, but it involves so much that you need to listen in loop mode… DOPE !

So click play, and let the journey begins…




01. Second World (Intro) ( 06:33 )
02. Fauna ( 09:09 )
03. Tundra ( 07:50 )
04. Grasslands ( 08:36 )
05. Mountain ( 07:38 )
06. Deserts ( 09:07 )
07. Rainforest ( 06:43 )
08. Aquatic (Outro) ( 07:38 )


Buy Limited Edition CD via Bandcamp (€12 EUR)


  1. Patrick Psays:

    This Narcotic 303 release is excellent as are the videos! I’m a huge dub techno fan, and this album keeps the sound very deep and fresh.


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