[Release] Deepchannel – Orbit 4

Im not going to talk too much about this release because Deepchannel go into detail about the release and each track which is really nice.  Have a read and listen and be sure to support this fantastic release.

More or less, there’s a part of my life in this ep. 4 mines, 4 different times, 4 different outfits, a single productive nucleus!

Orbit One, the most recent, such as sound, style, very ambient, a warm dub basslines, analog and clouds stabs, noises from one analog synth, & mixed with a Zero4 korg….

Orbit Two, this was a surprise, because in no time I threw down the matrix with analog synth sounds and vst, the beauty of the song is very cheerful, sunny, and at same time opened to me a new vision about chords and arrangements, which will resume in hand early, to make a dub dance and very catchy to most. Mixed with the new mixer.

Orbit Three, fully digital track, I wanted to include it in this ep, because it is a tangible proof of another experiment in which I was working on, a try to blend with the dubtechno mixed chords between house & jazz house. I will try to go deeper into this way, I’m fascinated! But to create it I need some hardware that is not currently possess, anyway this was the first work on this way, and I wish to present you.

Orbit Four, fully digital track, included in this ep, because I view it as classic song in the dubtechno style, with chords with various different delay, stabs that refer to each other … the thing that I like about the song is the fusion of the main ambient stab, very dark compared to the rest of the song.

I conclude by making you to know that I’m working hard on the sounds of the new synths purchased, the study is now fully analog, it lacks a little something, but will be made ​​with care, to reach, the sound quality of the songs and in general where I’m aiming to achieve!

I discovered that I love to experiment, understand, loose myself into infinite loops, this excites me, makes me feel good, young, and gives me a lot of satisfaction

Lastly, by thanking everyone who will support me in this new adventure, which will soon lead to the birth of a new project …

I embrace you all, good and bad,

love & light


My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Orbit 3.


Deepchannel – Orbit 1
Deepchannel – Orbit 2
Deepchannel – Orbit 3
Deepchannel – Orbit 4


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