[Vinyl Release] Blamstrain – Sunday Dub EP

New limited vinyl release from Blamstrain, check out what he has to say about the release below.

The first album to be completed fully after I left Finland for the Netherlands. I was living in the more rural parts of Holland for a while, spending a lot of my time bicycling and foraging in the woods at night. I discovered that the man-made nature of this country is both beautiful and frightening in equal amounts; at some times seeming like a kafkaesque tale of ecological horrors, and others a poetic struggle against the forces of nature by the will of the settlers.

The album was recorded entirely in one evening after carefully constructing a set of constraints for the sounds and structure, tying the four songs together to tell a story of one evening in the Netherlands. Recommended listening for bicycling, driving, on the train, meditating, sleeping, making love or other moments of shifting focus.


Blamstrain — 1 AM (Video)

12″ Vinyl out on Erotus Records July 29th

Available for pre-order with T-Shirt, Posters & Stickers set now at www.erotus.net.

Digital available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.