[Mix] Thrumcast 006 – Justin Slack

Justin Slack embodies the word “connoisseur” in a number of ways…

Firstly, there is his sophisticated, impeccable and intelligent taste in music, ranging from rare groove to liquid drum ‘n bass to deep house. Secondly, his dedication to vinyl as a medium, religiously collecting records since before the early years of the underground dance scene in Cape Town (still doing so to this day), and inspiring many of the city’s current taste-makers. Thirdly, as all of his previous recordings and club sets attest (www.urbanrenewal.co.za/category/audio/), is his ability to weave a sonic tapestry filled with the deftness, nuance and emotion that bears the mark of someone truly devoted to the art form.

We could continue to wax lyrical about the man, but clocking in at just under 2 hours, we’d prefer to let Thrumcast 006 do the talking.


Baaz – whataboutalkabout – OfficeRecordings
Fluxion – Stations – Echocord
Microworld – Subterranean – Millions of Moments
Mr Cloudy – Goodbye Last Snow – Love Sprockets Dub – Millions Of Moments
Echospace – Spatial Dimension – Echospace
Fluxion – Memba – Echocord
Refracted – Enlightenment – Silent Seasons
Resoe – U One – baum
Raza – The Sun Lights The Moon – Styrax
Onumtu Mechanicks – Lupus Moon – Echospace
Move D – Silk Dub – Compost Black Label
Jonsson Alter – Djup House – Dorisburg Remix – Kontra Musik
Dauwd – Heat Division – Ghostly International
Quarter Notes – Untitled – Quarter Notes
STL – From A Distance – Smallville
HVL – Searching – Voyager
Omar S and Kai Alce – Jive Time – FXHE
Juniper – Selenic – Smallville
Maurizio – M7 – Maurizio

Download Thrumcast 006


  1. With little surprise, my two favourite Thrumcasts are local…

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