[CD Release] Buttha – Magic Island (Elux Records 016CD)

I came across Buttha through the track ‘Oceanic’ that is featured on this great album. Magic Island is a very nice relaxing blend of house, chillout and dub techno, Buttha seems to take elements from all these 3 styles to create chilled tracks that also have a groove to them, I’m really digging his style, and his talent shines throughout the album.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Akoo.

Spirituality in modern dance music: An apparent contradiction that Buttha completely unwinds with his new album ‘Magic Island’ on Elux Records. This is where Dubtechno meets Chillout Moods, analog Synthsounds combine with percussive instruments. It is World Music as the lowest common denominator that describes the style of the album most likely.

While having travelled around the world to many distant countries, Buttha drew the inspiration he nowadays converts into music in his studio in Berlin mostly using purely analog equipment. The sound should be rough, not digitally polished. With ‘Magic Island’ he travels to possible places of desire, fortune but also darker realms. The result is a complex album that works primarily through its timelessness away from the fast-paced party life. The love of nature is reflected in his tracks ever again. Titles such as ‘Eivissa’ and ‘Atlantis’ give a foretaste of the upcoming stories of the magical islands. Mythical cities with which everyone associates his own hopes and fears.

Since 2008 Buttha has releases his musical output on his own label BackisBlack Recordings. With his album on Elux Records he now spans the full range of his work. Melancholic dreamy easy listening is being combined here with relaxed danceable euphoria. In 14 tracks Buttha takes us to unheard acoustical places. We like to accompany Buttha in his search for the Magic of Island, a place that everyone can find in themselves.

Elux Records


1. Akoo
2. Ambient Morning
3. Atlantis
4. Eivissa
5. Endless Summer
6. Smoking Boy
7. Function One
8. Into The Light
9. Learn To Fly
10. Magic Island
11. Midnight Driver
12. Oceanic
13. On The Water
14. September Sun

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