[Vinyl Release] Federsen – Point Reyes / 50 Hz

2 Federsen releases in the last few months…..we are being spoilt by the man. All the long time fans of this blog will know how much I adore Federsen’s music, I give high praise to everything he puts out and his last few eps and his last album For Future Times & Beings have all been spot on! I even placed his track On The Surface in my top tunes of 2012, so ye you get the point.

This is Fifth Interval’s first release and they are welcoming us with open arms. 3 tracks feature on this vinyl, the Isodyne remix is very nice strips it down low with a wonderful use of vocal.

Point Reyes & 50 Hz are straight up deep, trademark Federsen is written all over this….well the drum in 50Hz are definitely something new ive heard from Federsen and I do remember him saying he wanted to experiment with his time signatures and patterns. It all comes together beautifully, short glimpses of beauty transcend back into a deep, minimal journey.

Lastly, and saving the best till last, Point Reyes……Ah I feel back at home now, this really is trademark Federsen, simple, beautiful, zen-like dub. I feel Federsens sound is becoming more and more defined, each time I hear a new dub techno track from him, I can almost instantly recognise if it’s a tune by him and its something, I think, not a lot of artists achieve.

Kicking off the new Fifth Interval label, San Francisco based dub techno producer Federsen heads up the premier release.

The title track is a hazy dub techno trip filled with washes of tape delayed chords and crisp snares while the B1 track – 50Hz is a far more broken affair, 140 BPM gear comparable to the likes of Deadbeat and Strategy.

For the final track, Isodyne (one half of Forward Strategy Group) shakes up 50 Hz, slowing it down to an incredibly weighty 115 BPM, finalising an excellent release with something for discerning DJs of all tastes.


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