[Release] Alveol – No Point In Holding On (DTR021)

Alveol and Dewtone team up to bring you ‘No Point In Holding On’……come on you know this is not going to disappoint. I cant remember the last time i heard something bad come out of either of these names.

This album has the trademark ‘Alveol’ sound that I have grown to love, lush pads and chords matched with melodic rhythms and percussion not often heard in dub techno/deep house. It all comes together to create a sound that’s like a breath of fresh air, smooth and clean.


1.Illusions Without Identity
3. Undo
4. Unravel
5. Empty Heart
6. Small Pieces
7. No Point In Holding On
8. No Point In Holding On (Dub Version)

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