[Free Download] Entropy Records Sampler 2013

Entropy Records were very kind to release this Label sampler featuring some amazing tracks (a few of these tracks were actually featured on my Best Dub Techno of 2012 article!). I cant understand the whole of it but it looks like Entropy Records were featured in a magazine in France and this sampler was a free download for the readers, sort of an audible introduction to the label and dub techno sound.

Check out the Entropy Records page for full scans of the article (it’s in French) here.

To get the sampler pack just enter your email in the form and you will receive a custom code to download the pack.


01. 18ème Boudoir | Melody Nebula (taken from Le Cycle Des Lumières)
02. Echochorus | Gor (taken from Aelita)
03. Ohrwert | By Night (taken from Aberrate)
04. G.R.I.T. | The Furthest Outpost (Octal Industries Reconstruction) (taken from Expanse (The Remixes – Part I))
05. Brickman | Sunrise To Sunrise (taken from Structures And Textures)
06. Octal Industries | Himinglæva #3 (taken from Meeting Of The Waves)
07. G.R.I.T. | Endless Waves (P.Laoss Remix) (taken from Expanse (The Remixes – Part I))
08. The Nautilus Project | Dresden-Neustadt At Night [Jaymon’s Nightflight Remix] (taken from Dresden-Neustadt At Night)
09. Fischerle | Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (taken from Selected Works: 1970-2015)
10. Gamma Gabriel | No Escape (taken from Gamma)
11. Hideyoshi | Over-Wall (taken from Tokyo Crazy Diamond)
12. Reversed Consciousness | Intervention (taken from Changes Of Consciousness Caused By Time Conditions)

Download Entropy Records Sampler 2013